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Mission Statement

Mission: For a popular conscience in favor of nature and a better quality of life. Vision: To make sure that natural resources are used in a rational form in order to preserve and recuperate land, forests, and water, at the same time promoting: a farmers movement that searches for the recognition of their organic products and the community organization in planned actions to resolve their concrete problems, as well as to have generated in the population an attitude that searches for permanent ways to improve their quality of life.


CEDUAM (Environmental Education and Ecological Action Center) is a non-profit, environmental organization located in northern Tlaxcala state, in the heart of México. Much of our work takes place in the municipal area of Tlaxco, which has among the most deficient and depleted natural resources in the country. For more than ten years, CEDUAM has been working towards the sustainable development of rural Tlaxcala in order to promote social justice and an equitable harmony with nature. CEDUAM´s efforts have been vital to the health of México's environment and to the survival of local cultures and communities. Through our agricultural programs, we have achieved remarkable success teaching farmers to conserve soil and water. Additionally, we have organized a participatory process that has improved agricultural techniques and facilitated community development. Our knowledgeable team of staff has helped farmers to accomplish an ecologically sustainable increase in the output of corn, beans, and peas. Currently we are working on a new organic farming project in rural Tlaxcala, near the city of Tlaxco. Our goal is to develop a model organic farm with education, conservation, and empowerment programs for farmers from around México. As you may know small-scale Mexican farmers in general have been affected very negatively by NAFTA and globalization legislation, this is especially apparent in Tlaxcala. Our organization is seeking to help these farmers by teaching them efficient, cost-saving, environmentally safe, and sustainable techniques that will help them to better compete in newly liberalized markets.



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