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Mission Statement

To find caring homes for all orphaned and abandoned children.


International Adoption Agency and Relief for orphans around the world. Bonnie J. Bernard MS., International Adoption Agency Director and Adoption Home Study Assessor, adopted her precious son Peter at four years old from Turgovishte, Bulgaria. Bonnie, a late bloomer married at 34.11 while her husband, who was 38, was divorced. Believing there was plenty of time to have a family she began to try to conceive at age 37.6. "We started trying but nothing happened."  For the next 5 years, as the biological clock ticked, Gary and Bonnie went to 3 local infertility specialists, took Clomid, had seven inseminations, and finally saw Dr. Beer, an infertility specialist in Chicago for immune treatments, and months of Enbrel injections. Finally, her husband, Gary, who was orphaned along with his identical twin brother at the age of 2.6, posed the resolution, "if we don't get pregnant in a year we could adopt". Coincidentally a couple from their church was adopting from Romania and brought home the sweetest, brightest, cutest, little boy. Finally, Bonnie's mom enthusiastically recalled that on her flight from Ireland, she saw two children and had "just complimented the motherâ because her children were so well behaved. As it turned out, they were from Russia and were on the flight to their forever home in America. Her mom turned to Bonnie who was driving and said, "You could adopt." That was it! The next day they called the adoption agency to begin the international adoption process. The founding of Care To Adopt Inc. is a result of going through the home study process. With Gary's rough past, Bonnie knows the importance of being approved. She is committed to helping you be approved. She has been through the international adoption process and wants to make it as quick and smooth as possible to complete your adoption. God had a better plan and when Gary and Bonnie allowed Him to work He gave the Bernard's the sweetest, smartest, cutest gift of Peter.   Â



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by Kristen H. (2009-12-30 09:51:52.0)
We hired Bonnie Bernard to complete our homestudy for an adoption. We paid her money and spent a year with her only to find out that she did not have a valid social workers license, that the state of ohio was investigating her and that she was told to not take on any new clients. She admitted to us that the homestudy we had done would not be valid and would not refund our money. She has done this to several couples throughout Ohio and Indiana and I even still have proof of her scam. Don't trust her at all. We went through alot of emotional grief due to her and lost quite a bit of money and lost the opportunity to adopt. We asked her to refund us and she refused. It was very traumatic and having to deal with infertility and the stress and hoops we had to go through adopting then to have our dreams shattered by one person and then even finding out that she knew that her license had expired and had been told by the state to not take on any new clients then come to our house and take our $