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Mission Statement

The mission of the South Asian Heart Center at El Camino Hospital is to reduce the high incidence of coronary artery disease among South Asians, and save lives, through a comprehensive, culturally-appropriate program incorporating education, advanced screening, lifestyle changes, and case management.


Center’s Unique Program Features We focus on the "at risk" South Asian community We offer early screening of additional risk factors We offer aggressive follow-up care We have a comprehensive approach
(MEDS - Medication, Exercise, Diet, and Stress Reduction) We educate healthcare providers and program participants

Center’s Goals and Objectives

Over the project’s first five years, the South Asian Heart Center will work to:

Dramatically reduce the incidence of heart disease among 5,000 South Asians. Educate 5,000 healthcare providers on risk factors and assessment through symposiums and a lecture series, which in turn will reach 75,000 participants. Total program impact will be 80,000 participants, not including the millions more via the website. Educate 15,000 community members on heart disease prevention at community centers, temples, and South Asian organizations. Change how healthcare providers screen and assess for heart disease with the local, national, and global South Asian community. Change how insurance companies view these tests by getting them to accept coverage for these tests at a younger age for the South Asian population. Become a Center for excellence on heart health education for South Asians everywhere. Develop a model South Asian Heart Center for local, national, and international replication. Center’s Outcomes Participants will benefit with significant improvement in their mental and physical health and improvement in personal habits--smoking, nutrition, diet, and exercise--due to the Center’s access to wellness providers and on-going follow-up care. Participants will achieve 25%-50% lower CAD risk factors when a complete multi-factorial risk reduction program is followed (as advocated by our program which includes diet, exercise, and stress modification). Our goal is that individuals over their lifetime will experience a reduction of heart attacks, premature deaths, angioplasty/stent procedures, and bypass surgeries and will reduce additional cardiovascular events and complications such as stroke, kidney failure, dialysis, and congestive heart failure.



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