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Mission Statement

Divine Equine Rescue and Therapy, Inc. is a non-profit, volunteer based humane organization whose mission is to ensure quality care and treatment of horses through intervention, education, and outreach.

We would like for you to visit our organization! We started a Rescue for bringing horses, children and adults together for therapeutic healing. We realize the strength and power of healing provided for both the horses and the humans.
GOD has chosen us to open our hearts to help more
horses and humans !

We love unconditional. There's not a better blessing than seeing a child smile. Children and adults alike need unconditional love and that is what horses have to offer. These horse offer a freedom that some people have never felt until they started visiting Divine Equine Rescue and Therapy, Inc.

Everyone who works with these awesome horses have the opportunity to experience unconditional love.

For the rescue, retirement and rehabilitation of abandoned, unwanted, abused, neglected and discarded Horses, Ponies, Goats, Sheep, Pigs, Cow, Dogs and Barn Cats. Divine Equine Rescue and Therapy, Inc. is dedicated to provide a safe sanctuary, for nurturing and a healing environment for the abused and/or neglected animals.

To provide a safe, nurturing and healing environment for economically disadvantaged, abused, neglected, handicap, and at-risk children and adults. To rebuild and relearn trust, self-esteem, nurturing and love in
the healing process. Starting with the horses allow this hurting animal time to heal and regain trust with humans.

Allowing these children and adults to bond with and feel the unconditional love from these animals and caring people. To teach them
about the humane treatment of horses and teach leadership skills and sportsmanship. And enable them to grow in a positive healthy environment.



We need all the help that we can get and your help is appreciated. We need people to help with the Horses, Ponies, Goats, Cows, Sheep, Barn Cats and some Dogs.

How much time do I have to volunteer?

This is an important question. We rely on volunteers for a significant amount of the workload. Even though you will not be paid for your time, efforts or expertise as a volunteer, failure to complete or follow through on a task can have a significant impact on other volunteers and staff, the horses and the organization.

Can I commit to a specific day and time each week, or do I need a flexible volunteer schedule ?

Remember, not only must you assess how much time you have to volunteer, but also how your time is structured. Barn Volunteer hours are between 10am and 7pm during the week; 8am till 5pm on Saturday; 10am till 5pm on Sunday. Other non barn related projects do not have required times, but do require a number of hours and some have deadlines. Volunteers who have proven themselves responsible and reliable may be assigned to earlier times at the barn upon an officers approval.

How long a period can I make this commitment ?

Our volunteer positions are ongoing and have no end date. Assess the length of time you can and want to commit to and make sure you have the time available.

Does my schedule change during the year ?

Very often, schedules vary with the months or seasons. If you have school-age children, will your schedule be different during the summer months? If you are a student, do you work full time in the summer? Make sure you take into account any schedule changes that can affect your availability. We can be flexible with our days scheduled, but the hours at the barn are set and cannot be changed.

Do I have the skills or expertise to do the job ?

Just because it is a volunteer position does not mean that you are exempt from getting the job done properly. If the position calls for special skills or expertise, be honest about your ability to handle what is needed and required. Stall cleaning and watering does not require any experience and we will train you. Grooming horses, interacting with horses, etc does require experience; however we have clinics available to volunteers to learn these skills.

Where do I rank on the emotional fortitude scale ?

Volunteer work can be immensely rewarding, but there are emotional risks. At our horse rescue you might be faced with the fact that not all horses can be saved. Consider your ability to deal with tragic and difficult circumstances. Horses may also get adopted and leave that you have become attached to.

What is my volunteer budget ?

In addition to donating your time, sometimes you might be required to purchase equipment that may be broken by you. If volunteering at the barn you must commute to the facility so consider your travel costs, which add up over time (gas is not cheap right now). We are a non-profit organization, your time is not deductible on your taxes, however your mileage, expenses and donations are.

What's in it for me ?

Be realistic about the rewards you expect. Make sure you are volunteering because you sincerely want to help, not because you feel it will benefit you in some way. Volunteer because you want to help, with no strings attached. Our volunteer program is NOT designed for people to just come and ride when they want. We only allow experienced horse people to ride/lunge horses. If you want to learn to ride, we offer riding lessons. If you want time to ride, you may always lease one of the horses.

Where will I fit in best ?

Give serious thought to the type of volunteer work you prefer to do. Do you want to work with people or horses? Do you mind physical labor or do you prefer an office-oriented desk job? Would you like to work behind the scenes or on the front line? Do you prefer working with other volunteers, or are you more comfortable working alone? Do you only want to work with the horses? The answers to these questions may help you eliminate some positions and may highlight others that would be a good match for your comfort zone and personality.

The urging of a good friend, a compelling speech, or an emotional appeal by a non-profit group can stir our emotions and cause us to rush to the telephone or sign up to volunteer. Getting caught up in the emotion of the moment can make you commit to something that you will have to live with. (great intention syndrome).



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