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Mission Statement

Hello. We are Ohana Rescue , an established horse rescue that has been giving needy horses a safe haven for over four years.


Ohana was founded when i was contacted by a friend about a horse that was thin and had been abandoned in a pasture. I researched the information, and found out who owned the horse . He surrendered the horse to me. This started my life as I know it now. I let others know that I had room to take in horses that might need a safe haven. The word spread and Ohana materialized.

Ohana , in Hawaiian , means that "NO ONE IS LEFT BEHIND , WE ARE FAMILY" . I felt that this name suited my philosophy .

Ohana Rescue is registered as a non-profit charitable organization with the State of Florida. We are currently awaiting our 501(c)(3) federal status letter.

Our mission is to Rescue, Rehabilitate, and Rehome horses where ever there is a need.

Ohana Rescue acquires horses through many means. We attend auctions, and purchase directly through the sale ring; outbidding the buyers who ship to slaughter , also we care for horses in all conditions, from the family who is unable to keep their beloved horse to the horses that have been abanodoned and no one has cared for them in some time.

We also assist the County's Sheriff's AG Dept. on neglect and abuse seizures. We monitor Craigslist for horses in poor condition or in the price range that makes them at risk for purchase to be shipped to slaughter or auction, and we accept owner surrenders . We regularly have a waiting list of 5-12 horses at any given time. We also assist owners in the SAFE placement of horses from their own residence.

Regardless of the reason that brought the horse to us , we do our best to help heal mind, body, and spirit.

After an average of a six month rehab regiment, the horses are ready for us to find them a forever home. Ohana Rescue firmly believe that the horse picks their human . Many people can come to the Ohana location to adopt , but if the bond is not made, and the horse does not feel comfortable with the prospective new owner , the adoption does not happen. We at Ohana Rescue work very hard to place the rehabbed horses to the right home the first time . We work at helping the horses beat the recidivism odds of returning to a rescue situation again .

We check references , and do property inspections . The new owners MUST sign a contract stating that if the relationship does not work, for whatever reason, that Ohana Rescue MUST be contacted , and the horse comes back to Ohana Rescue or another approved home . This has only happened two times in the last four years.

We offer community service hours to school students and those who have gone through the court system . Isabell, as seen in the beginning video, is one of our rescues , her rehab case is being used as a model for the Pasco Sherriff's Ag. Dept. for training purposes.

Below is a list of some of our accomplishments .

Ohana Rescue has been featured on Channel's 10, 13 and Bay News 9.(Tampa Florida)

Several stories have been written in St Pete Times, Suncoast News, and Horse and Pony Magazine.

Ohana was awarded Hero of the week, by Bay News 9 , (Tampa Florida) ; also nominated for Hero of the year .

We have also been mentioned on various radio stations .

We have been invited and did attend a Hurricane Expo put on by The Division of Emergency Management and Surgi-Care Equine Hospital.

We also have the continuing support of The Florida Suncoast Trail Riders in the way of Fundraising events and keeping us in their monthly newsletters .

Ohana Rescue is run out of pocket , but also count on the hearts of others to help us help the horses . In the past , we have received donations by means of , sitting at Wal-Mart with donation jars , standing roadside at busy intersections with donation jars, and by word of mouth. We work very hard to be able to give these horses a safe haven and we plan on doing this for years to come. With help from generous donors we will be able to accomplish our goals.

Ohana Rescue works very closely with other rescues, either via internet or in person. We try to help the other rescues if they are full, or in need of medical or other needs.

We work very closely with our farrier and veterinarian. They have taught us how to save money by not having to call them every time a new rescue comes in . They have taught us what to look for and how to treat minor issues ourselves. We have many medicines on hand for the emergencies that might occur and have been working on hoof care as well . In learning all that we can about the horse's health , we can stretch our monies further, thus being able to help more . The Vice President of Ohana Rescue is a natural horsemanship trainer who works with the horses when they come in with trust issues or lack training . We know this rehab will help us better the chance for the rehabbed horses to go to their forever home .

In closing, we, at Ohana Rescue are respectfully asking you to donate to the rescue, help us help them.

Respectfully yours ,

Carrie Young , President

Allan Wilson , Vice President


Links added to give you an idea of what we do and some articles written about us. - http://www.tampabay.com/news/humaninterest/woefully-neglected-and-sick-horse-rescued/1077952







We are an established out of pocket rescue, and we are in need of volunteers at this time to help us build some shelters for the horses.



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