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Mission Statement

Our goals and Mission

Feathered Sanctuary Rescue Organization is dedicated to finding loving and nurturing homes for displaced companion birds and also bonded pairs. With the lifespan of these larger parrots, this is a huge problem in many places today. Whether it be a Parakeet, Finch, Canary,Lovebird, African Grey or a Hyacinth Macaw, our primary concern when a bird is relinquished to our organization, is to find a home for him/her in which the bird will receive the kind of loving care that we would lavish upon our own avian companions.


Another major goal of Feathered Sanctuary Rescue Organization is to keep birds in their current homes. We can do this by working with the original owners if they would like our help.

We are also committed to educating people on how to properly take care of their parrots. Through education we hope to break the cycle of parrots being bounced from home to home. We at Feathered Sanctuary Organization feel that a little knowledge may go a long way in clearing up a bird owners misconceptions about how to nurture these beautiful creatures.

There are many reasons why birds need to find new homes. These vary from situations we can al l understand, like death of an owner, behavior problems, and go to the extreme as in abuse and/or neglect. Our purpose is to care for each and every bird that comes to our attention.

In summary, our mission is to to find loving and nurturing homes for displaced companion birds. We will provide education for current owners in an attempt to keep a bird in his or her current home. If this is not possible, we have a companion bird friendly facility devoted to caring for displaced parrots as well as foster homes that will foster birds until a suitable adoption can be arranged. In order to reduce the numbers of birds needing relocation, we will provide educational materials to the public so that they may be better informed about the needs of companion birds.



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