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Mission Statement

Cut Bank Animal Control and Shelter shall promote the humane treatment of animals and foster respect, understanding and compassion for all creatures. We provide care and safe harbor for animals afflicted by neglect, abandonment and abuse. We will strive relentlessly to eradicate neglect, abandonment and abuse. We work to reunite lost animals with their owners. We are dedicated to lowering the numbers of animals needlessly destroyed due to overpopulation by promoting the spaying and neutering of ALL companion animals. We will endeavor relentlessly to enhance the bond between humans and animals through adoption, education and services for responsible, compassionate pet ownership.


Helping the homeless and neglected animals of this community is number one on our list. (Check our statistics down below). As of August 15th, we have adopted 15 dogs, 23 pups, 17 cats, 13 kittens and one turtle to loving homes. In 2011, we have returned to their owners 35 dogs, 4 cats; and returned to nature 1 woodpecker. Our numbers for 2010 were extremely low due to the mountain lion that had been cleaning out the feral colonies and pets in Cut Bank. We assisted Fish, Wildlife and Game with wounded or injured animals. It may not sound like a lot but we are proud of the numbers. The numbers tell us that the Spay/Neuter Clinics that we attend are reducing the number of animals in our community who would have probably met a horrible fate without the intervention of the Animal Control Officer, Special Services Officer and Officers of the Cut Bank Police Department.

Our animals and the community need this service and we will work tirelessly to make this the best community for animals and humans alike. We cannot do this alone and need the help of kind, caring people like yourself. Help us to write happy endings to our adorable adoptables.

Most of our animals were surrendered because their caretakers were moving, divorced, developed allergies or died. Imagine sharing your life with a wonderful four-footed friend simply by opening your heart and your home. Knowing that you have kept that friend from being euthanized which sadly, is the reality of life in any shelter situation. It is the new parent's job to provide attention, love and safe housing.



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