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Mission Statement

To deliver the most appropriate and timely prehospital emergency medical care and rescue services to the citizens of the community.


The Kempsville Volunteer Rescue Squad (KVRS) is a public charity (501(C)(3)) that maintains: (1) A large all-volunteer force of Emergency Medical Technicians (basic and advanced levels) and Paramedics; (2) A fleet of emergency response vehicles that includes mobile intensive care ambulances, quick-response intercept vehicles, a heavy-duty crash/rescue truck, and a multipurpose support truck. KVRS responds to 9-1-1 and other calls involving illnesses and injuries of all natures and magnitudes. We provide skilled, compassionate medical care, safe and rapid ambulance transportation, and quick and effective rescue services. We also provide support services at the scenes of extended and/or laborious police, fire, and rescue incidents. We are on call 24 hours per day, every day.



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by Shirley G. (2014-01-31 08:20:24.0)
They do no believe in their mission statement. First paramedic to arrive, waived me off and said"We coming." Firefighters ignored me after repeatedly telling them that my mother needed to be put on a breathing machine. After about 10 min of pleading with them that she was going to run out of oxygen, one firefighter told the other to listen to her lungs. My mother fell over. By, the time they got her outside, she had passed out. It took over 40 min, 2 additional phone calls to 911,a chief,2 police officers to make a 7 min drive to the hospital.By the time she got there, the doctors said she went into cardiac arrest due tolack of. oxygen. When she arrived she had no pulse, the doctors were ble to revive her but because she went so long without oxygen she was brain dead. I have neverbeen treated so rudely. I assumed when you answer a call you treat every situation as an emergency and in a professional manner. This clearly was not the case.