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Mission Statement

SCTNow exists to stop child trafficking by targeting the source of child trafficking: predators who drive the sex industry everywhere in the world, including in your local community. SCTNow has partnered with specially trained operatives familiar with what it takes to infiltrate, investigate and bring to justice the predators victimizing children worldwide.


Stop Child Trafficking has chosen to fund a bold, new approach, one that addresses the demand side of child sex trafficking by targeting buyers/predators for prosecution and conviction. While over 260 organizations are currently focused on rescuing children, until the demand side is addressed, the supply will always exist. Few people know that virtually no convictions have occurred in the U.S. in the last 10 years, thus this heinous crime grows.

SCTNow has launched a national campaign to raise money for retired elite military operatives targeting the demand side of trafficking. These Special Operative Teams gather information on child predators both in the U.S. and abroad, information that will be used to convict child sex buyers. These operatives use the skills developed in the War on Terror in this war to bring down predators. Professional law enforcement have vetted this strategy and are eager to work with these operative teams once funding is secured.

Even a handful of new convictions will become a strong deterrent to buyers heretofore undeterred. A predator pays as little as $25 for 15 minutes of sex with a child. For the same amount of money, a 4-man team of operatives can be placed on the field to stop him.

SCTNow held its first flagship Walk in September 2009 in New York City, with 40 cities nationwide holding simultaneous events, rallying thousands who will raise money to fund operative teams.

Never before has there been a campaign or event of this magnitude enabling every mother, father, son, daughter and friend to help put an end to the most despicable crime of our time!

Stop Child Trafficking Now targets the source of child trafficking: predators who drive the sex industry everywhere in the world, including in your own local community. SCTNow looks to sponsors and donors to help fund highly qualified teams of operatives who build packages and execute missions that bring trafficking to a halt.

Most other organizations address child trafficking by performing rescue operations. SCTNow greatly supports their efforts, but believes for every child rescued another takes his or her place. Not until we stop the predators will we rid the world of trafficking. SCTNow's goal is to put predators behind bars and end the demand.



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