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Mission Statement

To enable people living in rural Fiji to improve their lives without spoiling the envirenment.


Are you available to give 3 months of your time? We provide free accommodation and basic vegetarian food for volunteers willing to walk the talk of sustainable development. We are a Charitable Trust set up by indigenous Fijians on village land. We are a permaculture demonstration site. The project takes a holistic approach to eliminate poor health, poverty and poor opportunities in rural areas of Fiji where most people are subsistence farmers. These problems lead to young people at best drifting to cities / moving abroad or staying and abusing kava/ marijuana/ home brew. Hence the degeneration of rural communities. Life expectancy is 65 years and 70% die of NCDS.. We demonstrate how rural life can be improved through sustainable farming, building and energy production without incurring high costs. We live in harmony with the environment walking the talk of sustainable life. Our model is empowering, showing people what can be achieved rather than imposing solutions the project aims to effect lasting change by giving communities the tools to assess their needs and make changes they see as important. It links communities with information available from other permaculture sites and on the Internet from projects around the world who are effecting change and helps try out various models used to see their reliance in the Fiji environment. The emphasis is practical - learning by doing research by trying things out.The Vutikalulu Centre, based in Upper Naitasiri, Fiji was set up by local people not for profit but with the belief that people in rural areas can have all those resources taken for granted elsewhere, nice homes, flush toilets, electricity and a plentiful and varied diet. We believe that development can happen without destroying the environment in a way that is sustainable, accessible and inexpensive. We are committed to using the technology now available to improve people's lives. We believe that rural poverty is not just about money but also about knowhow and breaking down the barriers that keep people poor.



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