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The Circle's Edge, inc.

Cause Area

  • Arts & Culture
  • Community
  • International
  • People with Disabilities
  • Sports & Recreation


P.O. Box 895Cohoes, NY 12047 United States

Organization Information

Mission Statement

The Circle’s Edge is a non-profit whose mission is to combat bullying and loneliness through outreach programs and social activities with no niche attached. This fulfills an identified critical need within the community.


How we are different then other groups

Most groups address the issue of bullying and isolation by awareness measures - which is most certainly needed. However the bully AND victim both are all to aware of this reality. There are various peer mediation groups in local high schools and several bully awareness organizations in the UK and America to advocate the BYSTANDERS to not just sit and watch but get up and stop it.

However outside of these efforts which are all very much needed, little if anything exist for those solitary, isolated, loners out there all on their own. And there are no groups whose mission is to foster belonging for single, lonely, individuals who dwell outside the in-crowd.

Our missions is to foster a belonging aspect by offering welcoming social activities to such individuals. Offering educational art programs and social activities with no niche attached.

For if the victim had a group of peers s/he hung with, the bully would need to contend with all of their friends. The victim however is most times a loner with limited friends and backing. Additionally, it is all too evident that bullying is not just some elementary or high school issue. There is work place bullying as well as bullying in universities, churches, and many other arenas which are totally overlooked until it is too late.

Therefore, we, The Circle's Edge, inc., offers meetings, socials, and educational events as a way for people (in particular those who feel left out) to get involved and belong to something with no niche attached. Our meetings and activities offer a way to foster the belonging aspect of our mission.


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by Imeh S. from Cohoes, NY (Administrator for this Organization) (October 26, 2022)
This is a GREAT organization which offers IDEAL virtual AND in-person volunteer opportunities that are creative, exciting, unique, sometimes challenging/sometimes easy, but more than likely, enjoyable and fun. Ideal for court appointed, high school (Service Learning Hours), Federal Work Study (via financial aid at your university), or any other reason you may NEED to complete a set number of volunteer hours in a short time. The staff is very willing to accomidate your working hours, arrangements, and needs and will assure that you successfully fulfill all needed volunteer hours in a timely manner without completely ruining your schedule! In additional, this is a really worthwhile organization who advocates for a completely overlooked cause! They are small and the staff roll up their sleeves and jump in to do just as much "dirty work" as they would ask of us.
by Lorraine S. from Cohoes, NY (Administrator for this Organization) (August 12, 2010)
The staff are extremely friendly and lenient, and it is very light work you can do while at school or on your job and it is for a very great and ghastly overlooked cause!! IDEAL for Federal Work Study at your university as I did this for my school 3 years in a row!

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