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Mission Statement

Kids Beating Cancer mission is to increase access to treatment for children with cancer, leukemia and other life threatening diseases in need of a bone marrow or umbilical cord blood transplant by funding the cost to identify compatible donors, facilitating marrow donor registry recruitment drives, funding uninsured medical expenses and providing support for families as they face the challenging journey towards a cure.


Kids Beating Cancer Fund the Match Marrow for Kids Program - Statewide, National, & International
Fund the Match - In the long journey from diagnosis, to donor identification, to receiving a life saving transplant, Kids Beating Cancer is the first step toward a cure. Kids Beating Cancer provides financial assistance for out-of-pocket expenses allowing families to proceed with life saving treatment for their child.

  1. Funding the lab testing cost not covered by Medicaid and the uninsured to determine if a family member is a potential match for Central Florida children
  2. Funding the donor search cost for identifying unrelated donors when a family member is not a compatible match
  3. Funding donor procurement costs when not covered by insurance or Medicaid
  4. Funding the patient pre-workup costs, which are not covered by Medicaid, so children get their transplant when they need it, without delays.

75% of children will not find a donor in their family, necessitating locating a match through the national Be The Match Registry. Kids Beating Cancer is the only non-profit authorized Marrow Donor Recruitment Center in the State of Florida for the National Marrow Donor Program, a non-profit corporation that manages the unrelated donor stem cell Be The Match Registry in the United States. Kids Beating Cancer marrow donor registry recruitment efforts focus on increasing the diversity of tissue types available so all patients in need can have equal access to a cure, while recruiting people willing to help any patient in need. Kids Beating Cancer connects more patients with donors--working with families, communities, businesses and other groups to raise awareness and recruit committed individuals to join the national registry offering the hope of a cure to hundreds of patients.

Kids Beating Cancer Karing for Kids - Central Florida & National Program

"Kids need to feel like Kids," Kids Beating Cancer's goal is to enhance and inspire children from diagnosis to survivorship, providing fun activities and resources for the children and families during treatment and beyond.

  • Provides teddy bears to children "Bunky's Pals" Nationwide
  • Provides blankets and toys to children during treatment in Florida
  • Provides a Hospital admission Bundle of Love to children admitted to the Kids Beating Cancer Pediatric Marrow Transplant Center in Central Florida
  • Provides therapeutic play activities for Central Florida children
  • Provides holiday parties, special celebrations, and outings for Central Florida children and their families



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