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Mission Statement

In the mid-19th Century, on the banks of the Mississippi River, the community of St. Louis struggled to help travelers headed west through their city. They came to explore the wide-open frontier, and maybe even find gold in the hills of California. But unreliable stagecoach schedules, cholera and unexpected delays in the journey often left travelers without the resources for basic human necessities like food and medicine. It was a time when medical and other community services were largely restricted to residents.

Travelers had to rely on the kindness of strangers during an arduous journey. St. Louis, under the leadership of Mayor Bryan Mullanphy, struggled to help provide services to these American pioneers and new immigrants who became stranded on a journey to a new life. At his death in 1851, Mullanphy left half a million dollars in his will to help "aid travelers going west." The Travelers Aid movement had begun.


Travelers Aid EWR seeks to support airport passengers in a variety of capacities. In more complex cases, Travelers Aid staff is prepared to assist with social service referrals, resources and/or connecting individuals with support systems. Volunteers are the core resource of the Travelers Aid program. They lend their knowledge and experience to passengers by suggesting tourist information, giving maps/brochures and offering guidance on how to navigate the airport and the transit systems of New Jersey & New York.


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by Germain C. from Jersey City, NJ (2010-06-09 09:31:37.0)
A few times a year I drop off or pick up friends from the airport. While I’m standing and waiting, I see numerous people asking question: on directions, where do I go, where do I pick up my luggage, where can I find a Taxi, and overly carrying luggage to another area of the airport. The fact that I’m standing there waiting, I get hit with 10 question easy. To find an Information booth or someone to help, you need directions of it own... They should be airport ambassadors roaming the areas of the airport. Like the ski resorts, they have ski patrols and ski ambassadors to help direct and assist people on the mountain. They should be an organization like this to help people on there way Sincerely Germain Coran