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Mission Statement

Our mission is to enrich communities and their futures through charity, advocacy, and education.


About Us Our mission: To enrich communities and their futures through charity, advocacy and education, in an effort to inspire all residents to "LOVE WHERE YOU LIVE".

Our vision: To promote transparent communities, where residence know elected officials, government employees, local business owners and civil servants on a first name basis. We dream of a community in which elderly people can receive the support necessary to enjoy the fruits of their hard work, a community in which adolescence aspire and are able to achieve all of their potential, and families feel safe letting their children explore their community.

Going Pro Student Athlete Cultivation Program

"GOING PRO" is a Christian based mentoring, tutoring and training program, designed to culivate young black men to understand that they can "GO PRO" in what ever career they choose if they stay in accordance with God's will and work hard.

This program is for High school African American males going into their junior year and who have been engaged in the sport of football.

The PAUL ANTHONY NPO board and commitee are scouting and recruiting; freshman and sophmore football players who meet the followign criteria:

-Exhibit exceptional athletic ability

- With respect to their ability, are being overlooked by colleges

- Demonstrate a financial need according to guidlines set forth by the FASFA.

PAUL ANTHONY NPO believes that young black males are disproportionately encouraged to pursue athletics and entertainment as the most realistic and viable options for establishing themselves in today’s economy.

They are being taught to over sexualize themselves and young women.

Our young black men are being trained to value themselves and others by physical and material standards.

For these reason PAUL ANTHONY NPO has created the "GOING PRO" program. "GOING PRO" is a two year program that;

- Teaches the love of Christ and implores the study and establishment of The Gospel in our lives through works and faith.

- Mentors these young men to develop and mature into hardworking and respectable men.

- Tutors and prepares them for college.

- Trains them mentally and physically to develop their skills in football.

- Obtains through sponsors a paid internship in the field of their choice.

- Pays for college applications.

- Offers a $3,000.00 dollar scholarship for college.

- Grants a certificate of completion of the program.

- Extends membership and alumni status for life.

In an effort to offer the best possible experience and level of attention to each candidate, this program is by invitation only.



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