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Mission Statement

Mission is to be able to atrack volunteer who would be able to transport persons that have proof that they are eligible as being considered poverty level using the states jobs and family ruling,which I must keep for proof in the event I am questioned by the state charitable dept who enforces rules for charitable orginazations in ohio. At present I have one free van which transports 12 people only,but it is not handicap accessible, plus I have at times people who would enjoy getting a substancial deduction at a local establishment,when I get the approval of the $ amount the corp will give and at what times. The main goal is the transportation issue,only because I get free tickets to events ,or restrants for dinners and the people who are willing to take a bus are few. The people that I have as receiptenients can't afford a cab or can't get transportation because the are disabled,or they lack good reflexes to manuver and the local companies that have lifts do not get subsidized from the gov't for personal use only medical. By requesting volunteers,I could offer [if the proper persons approve a mometsry donation which could handle the gas only because it is better than staying in their homes doing nothing.


description i believe, is need volunteers for any typ of transportation,but if I have a dinner the complex i live in houses 55 totaL,BUT i AM WORKING ON a person who will donate his time doing dj as rhythm and blues music to one of the sicial halls that i am going to work on having them donate the hall and we will need volunteers to set tables or possible make the food that we would like to have .


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by ronald k. from columbus, OH (Administrator for this Organization) (2011-07-19 04:19:56.0)
Even though I am the administrator,I still volunteered as a citizen promoting the ability of contacting restarants on behalf of a couple separate reliougous groups. They wanted to have a birthday party for an older woman,I voluntered to contact the mayors office and the media went to the pary and gave the woman a signed accomplishment award plus a personal autographed picture with the mayor