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Mission Statement

The Grace Children's Foundation is a New York based 501(c)(3) organization that improves the lives of orphaned and disadvantaged children through directed medical, education and humanitarian aid programs and TGCF's Resource Exchange Center, in cooperation
with the officials and caregivers responsible for their care.


Since its inception TGCF has recognized the need to serve the whole child. The means to deliver the resources necessary to support the wellbeing of the child is equally important. While there are many outstanding programs serving children globally there is no center of operations that connects philanthropic resources directly to the children in need. Professionals, volunteers and donors are often t hwarted by myriad obstacles when donating their expertise, care or funding.

TGCF's Resource Exchange Center, established in New York City, coordinates and delivers resources through the Foundation's programs and has created an innovative solution that links orphaned children and disadvantaged children to medical care, education and vocational opportunities and humanitarian aid. This mechanism alleviates the constant struggle and often frustrating search for appropriate resources to respond to both emergency and long-term care needs and offers a unique opportunity to channel capacities of individuals and organizations. It provides a viable system that serves the children, offers incentives to caregivers and has expanded TGCF's reach from the orphanages to
include disadvantaged children living on the periphery of their societies. It enables us to exponentially increase the number of children we serve directly and makes our database of resources available through the Internet under one coordinated umbrella...connecting the need to
the remedy worldwide.

While TGCF has been focused in China, it is now working with our partners there to further expand its outreach by establishing an international office in Beijing - TGCF's Resource Exchange Center, a central hub that, once fully operational, provides a replicable, systematic method of healing and learning, coordinating and delivering vital resources to the children.


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