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Mission Statement


"Rebuilding Shattered Lives"

All’s Well Home is an independent, all volunteer non-profit organization dedicated to the recovery and rehabilitation of men and women who have suffered from the effects of substance and behavioral addictions, and their reintegration into society as productive citizens capable of contributing to the long term benefits of the society in which they live.

We are dedicated to providing the men and women who participate in the program a reasonable opportunity to successfully achieve their goals by offering them a stable recovery environment. We are; Program / Structure / Working Homes.

We provide the necessary support services through a defined program that supports the achievement of sustainable sobriety and successful reintegration into society through the development of personal structure, including personal responsibility and social accountability, and an acceptable level of individual life skills, employment skills, and decision-making abilities.



Our vision is to help people learn a new way of living

All’s Well Home provides support services including drug and alcohol free recovery homes, Program/ Structure / Working Homes. The structure is based upon a fully developed recovery program that includes:

  • Training in life management skills
  • Soft job skills training, i.e., job search, resume building, and job interview skills, etc.,
  • Well maintained housing with clean, low density personal living quarters;
  • We provide food for the homes and offer dietary supervision to help the guests learn to choose and prepare wholesome foods that meet their nutritional needs.
  • Daily meetings, study group meetings, and in- house personalized instruction in social skills along with employment skills training.
  • Group counseling with others who have experienced the same difficulties, and one-on-one counseling.
  • Structured in-house work programs
  • Employment referrals and job placement assistance
  • A variety of extra-curricular activities.

The personal recovery program incorporates the best parts of the Therapeutic Community and Social Model methods. Our primary mission is reclaiming and rebuilding lives shattered by both behavior choices, and drug and alcohol addiction.

We offer:

  • Non co-ed low density housing, generally only 2 people to a room
  • Homes for people who are in recovery from substance addiction and escaping personal abuse.
  • A safe, drug and alcohol free living environment.
  • Individual mentoring and guidance
  • Anger management classes
  • 12 Step Faith Based Workshop, or traditional 12 Step A.A. Meetings.
  • 12 Level Self-Development Curriculum
  • Step By Step Recovery Program
  • Family counseling
  • Parenting classes

We have a fully equippedLearningCenterand are able to offer vocational and education rehabilitative services that include basic computer and office skills training along with job search and job interview skills.

Individualized services include qualified community service, which is an important consideration for anyone who needs to complete community service time.

Our program includes a three part 12 level self-development learning curriculum. Each part of the curriculum focuses on a critical element of self development beginning with an introspective look at oneself. Each program participant conducts a self review and creates a written history of his or her addiction history in order to see and understand the causes of their particular addiction, and to understand how it was formed and has shaped their lives. Based upon that, they begin developing a personal roadmap to recovery that includes short term, intermediate and long range goals. Throughout their stay in the program, guests work on developing the necessary skills and tools they need to reach these goals, which begins with learning basic life skills.

Participants then transition into development of social awareness skills that include learning acceptable social responses and behaviors. In the final phase the curriculum focus is on helping guests learn spiritual traditions while they learn to build and incorporate an internal system of moral values that will help strengthen them and guide them in the process of making good decisions on their own.

The Step By Step program component is a program that focuses on behavioral changes and modifications. It is designed to aid guests in identifying specific patterns of inappropriate behaviors and social responses to the situations and circumstances of life that they have used substances to avoid or run away from. The mentoring and guidance they receive throughout the program helps the guests prioritize their recovery work and remain focused on applying this knowledge to create the changes that they need to make in their lives.

Other services offered include appropriate outside diversionary recreation, family education, case management, relapse prevention, and referrals to appropriate ancillary services including medical, dental, vision, and legal services, as well as aftercare support.

Among the educational opportunities included is preparatory training for those who want to return to school or those who simply want to take a GED test. Opportunities also exist for qualified residents to continue their education through on line remote college classes, which can be done in house.



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