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Mission Statement

Our mission is to unite people separated by war and tragedy, rebuild loving families for orphans and widows, and create networks of local churches and rescue centers.


Established in 1999, Kinship United (formerly Warm Blankets Orphan Care) has blossomed into a thriving ministry across three continents working with six Founders and partnering with over 200 indigenous Kinship Church Homes. We established hundreds of projects and Christian homes for thousands of children and women who came to us with nothing but the shirt on their backs.

We rescue children without parents, many of whom have come from natural disasters or war zones, that don’t have anyone or any place to turn to for protection and love.

We lead and resource Christian churches established to partner with Kinship United in tragedy burdened parts of the world. Together we find the neediest of the needy and bring them new life, hope and dignity. Our services to these ministries are building projects, mission assistance, fundraising resources, Evangelism tools, medical supplies, education assistance, food, clothing and shelter. Our primary goal is to provide immediate protection for children and women from the situations that put their lives in jeopardy in the first place. Once they are safe, the next step is to address any nutrition and health issues. Once lives are stabilized, we begin the process of giving them a sense of lasting security. In short order, these children, widows, lost mothers, and caregiving volunteers are either reunited with families, place in homes or brought together with others like them to form a forever family in one of our Church Homes. We restore childhoods.


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