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Mission Statement

Our mission is to provide positive role models for today’s youth and work toward promoting community safety and betterment for the good of society overall. We accomplish our mission through training young, multi-racial volunteers and mobilizing all levels of entire communities, who are effective as visual deterrents to patrol the streets in communities around the world. Our emphasis is on coordinating a variety of community-based services, programs and activities to speak and fight against violence, crime and drugs. Our unique methodology enables existing structures to seamlessly integrate into a formidable force for safety.


We are members of an integrated group of people who come from greatly diversified ethnic, cultural and social backgrounds, which has provided each of us with our individual and unique qualities.

We are also Guardian Angels. Under the influence of this organisation with its long history, own inherent traditions and unique culture we are bonded into the formidable and effective team we are today.

We understand that this rich heritage which it is our privilege to enjoy must be zealously guarded and preserved if we are to pass it on to posterity and for this reason we subscribe to the following code of conduct.

  • We undertake to appreciate, accept and respect our ethnic differences such as skin colour, physical features, mannerisms, food and clothes, which constitute our ethnic identity.
  • We undertake to appreciate, accept and respect our cultural differences such as our language, history, traditions, customs, music, art and literature, from which our cultural heritage stems.
  • We undertake to appreciate, accept and respect our social differences such as our social organisations, religions, communities, welfare laws and folklore from which our moral principles and respective value systems are drawn.
  • We undertake to work, develop and live together in harmony and brotherhood in our chapter of the International Alliance of Guardian Angels in the firm belief that we can learn from and enrich one another through our individual differences, which at the conclusion of our sojourn with one another will have moulded us into finer citizens in our mutual and determined quest towards building a better world.

We are defenders of honour and morality and therefore we will also:

  • Avoid any appearance of impropriety,
  • Use donated materials and equipment ethically and responsibly for its intended purpose
  • Avoid discussing our religious or political affiliations while involved in any form of Guardian Angels activity,
  • Maintain our neutrality at any political or social rallies we may attend,
  • Refrain from victimizing any member who reports other Guardian Angels who violate our ethics, rules and regulations or any of the just laws of the land

The Reality
Every day, we receive calls and letters from individuals pleading for help to overcome violence in their worlds. These calls only confirm the increases in violence, harassment, and intimidation reported daily in newspapers and research surveys. Bullies, predators, and gangs, in increasing numbers, are creating fear and danger in our communities. The perpetrators lurk in schools, neighborhoods, streets, subways and the Internet.

The Dream
That all children will enjoy a safe environment in which they can rise to their full potential and develop self-esteem, confidence and pride of accomplishment through a contribution and commitment to society.

The Goal
To motivate teachers, parents and children to create a safer, more powerful future through our programs focused on personal safety, civic contribution, value development and cyber security. To bring violence prevention programs to schools across America for the benefit of students, families, and teachers. To serve as a resource for training teachers in violence prevention at institutions of higher learning.

The Plan
Through increased partnership with educational, business, cultural and religious institutions in our communities, we will solidify and expand our pragmatic and positive role model programs. We will expand and enhance our programs focused on personal safety, neighborhood safety, cyberspace safety and civility, with a special emphasis on overcoming social and educational adversity. In concert with our nation’s schools, we will continue our groundbreaking work to develop curricula illustrating and documenting the benefits of violence prevention.



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