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Mission Statement

Transforming the Lives and Commmunities of New Yorkers in Need.


Established in 1831, ESS is a non-sectarian organization serving some 5,000 of New York City's most vulnerable citizens annually through programs in foster care and adoption, early childhood education, after-school programs, group homes for developmentally disabled adults, and community re-integration of the formerly-incarcerated. For over 175 years, ESS has pursued its mission to transform the lives and communities of New Yorkers in need, helping them to make the most of their opportunities and potential to achieve independence and self-sufficiency. ESS serves children, families, and individuals from low- and very-low-income minority (predominantly Hispanic and African-American) neighborhoods.



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by a a. (2009-10-07 07:49:34.0)
If you have this agency keep track of your records. Most (not all) employees at ESS don't want to work, don't know the law and just want you to take their word for it and keep your mouth shut. They say you need to advocate for the foster child, that a bunch of bull because ESS will NEVER back you up. They say they will behind closed doors, but when it really matters they will lie in your face. Their own doctors will recommend services, but because ESS doesn't provide you with the actual document ESS WILL NEVER give the services the child needs. They will milk the system for everything that it has. Delay reunification, delay terminating rights and delay adoptions because if they don't DELAY the won't get PAID! I believe in KARMA and one of these days the foster children or parent are going to make it big and KARMA is going to kick them in the butt!
by gloria p. from richmond hill, NY (2009-04-02 19:37:28.0)
ESS has changed tremendously, social workers continue to work extremely hard...to me more than ever, those of us lucky enough to have known Dr. Rodriguez miss his smiling and concerned face. A recent sick visit to the clinic left me feeling like I wish I had a medicaid card for my foster children to see a local doctor, because we were unwelcome and caused great annoyance. no one was there[patients] but got a lecture from the current Doctor on how hard Dr.R used to make them work ,How he allowed anyone to come but never personally attended them, I must say after 14 years as a foster parent Dr. R was always attending my kids... And the vibe in the clinic was happy.. Must be I am not in the loop of this type of caring for kids, but the EKG machine should be working as well as knowing how to operate it , the vision testing machine is always out of order.even if your trip there is aggravating everyone, where is the courtesy ... Where is the love ...that used to ooze out of that clinic?