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PEOI, Professional Education Organization International, is a non-profit organization US IRS 501(c)(3) started in 1999, and now run by over 10000 volunteers who stay with PEOI for years. PEOI delivers complete university level courses online in exact, natural, social and medical sciences, as well as all fields of engineering and business administration, to millions of students in eleven languages free of charge. PEOI's mission is to become a university open and free to all.


PEOI, a provider of university level courses free of charge at, seeks authors with a background in teaching or work experience, who would like to join a group of colleagues developing hundred of courses in 79 fields of university studies.

Authors are welcome to work on chapter text, cases, assignments, reading lists, summaries, class discussions and test questions, as well as research and add examples, statistics and citations. Experts in illustration, video and programming are also needed.

All PEOI's course pages are in HTML. Authors will not be responsible for any HTML code, but only for the text in between. Some content can be imported from open education resources, i.e. material that is not copyright restricted such as in wikipedia or courseware at major universities. You must have the skills to locate and import such material.
Help disadvantaged students and aspiring professionals improve their lives by giving them a university education, and contribute to economic development of the country in which they live. With lockdown of libraries and universities, and many universities moving their courses online at exhorbitant prices, your teaching at PEOI is all the more important.


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by Dustin M. (March 10, 2020)
PEOI recruited me as a course author, unfortunately they had no infrastructure to guide my authoring of the course. Their website is a poorly coded, custom-development platform using very old technology (Perl) and I was provided no assistance in navigating it. I attempted to address these and other concerns with John Petroff but heard nothing back. Eventually I let him know my time was better used elsewhere. To add insult to injury I still regularly receive the PEOI newsletter because despite several request to do so, he will not remove me from his mailing list. I would not consider PEOI a good organization to volunteer with.
by Sanaa L. from MD (December 23, 2014)
PEOI defines desired requirements as "N/A" in the "Requirements & Commitment" section. However, there are stringent requirements that should be defined in this section. Native speakers of languages are not considered proficient in their native language unless they have a university degree from their native country. Applicants beware!
by Lisa K. from Freeport, NY (June 26, 2008)
Education and learning provides individuals a chance to broaden their horizations.

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