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Mission Statement

"so others may live"


Civil Air Patrol (CAP) is a non-profit public service organization devoted to emergency services, cadet programs and aerospace education. Since 1941, we have served America by providing these humanitarian services using volunteer members. CAP volunteers are unpaid, concerned citizens doing good works through local community activities. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- FLYING IN CAP CAP is an aviation-focused organization, but you don't have to be a pilot to have a long, satisfying CAP career. Most members are NOT pilots, they are aviation enthusiasts who wish to serve--on the ground or in the air. Becoming A CAP Pilot As a minimum, you must have at least an FAA private pilot certificate, a valid medical certificate, and be qualified in accordance with CAPR 60-1, CAP Flight Management , to obatin the CAP pilot rating. Soaring Soaring is a growing CAP flight activity and members are encouraged to take part. To obtain a CAP glider pilot rating, you must have an FAA glider private pilot certificate. Ballooning CAP flies balloons too! If there is ballooning in your area, you can obtain a CAP balloon pilot rating if you hold an FAA balloon private pilot certificate. Scanner/Observer CAP pilots cannot fly aircraft and at the same time perform the most effective job of ground observation. Consequently, CAP has other members who fly with the pilot and do the main job of observing. These members are rated as scanners or observers. Like pilots, CAP scanners and observers have different ratings according to their qualifications and wear distinctive wings designed to display those qualifications. Members who are interested in pursuing duty as a scanner or observer should consult CAPR 50-15, CAP Operational Missions. Flying Safety Flying safety is highly emphasized during all CAP flying activities. CAP pursues an active accident prevention program to prevent loss of life and property damage, both in the air and on the ground. CAP's safety program is based on personal motivation and managing risk on a continuing basis. It is the responsibility of each CAP member to help make CAP activities as safe as possible. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- CAP MISSIONS The Emergency Services mission includes search and rescue and disaster relief operations. CAP members' talents have augmented the Air Force in search and rescue and disaster relief since CAP's formation in 1941. CAP has assisted the nation in times of disaster and in emergency situations when its resources could be used. The primary mission objective of Emergency Services is to save lives and relieve human suffering. To be effective, the lives of CAP personnel performing missions must be safeguarded. CAP demands professionalism in organization, training, and mission execution to accomplish this service. Only qualified members are allowed to participate in actual missions. Search and Rescue (SAR) All CAP personnel who participate in SAR operations are volunteers who have been specially trained. A SAR mission is always a serious and critical endeavor. Therefore, CAP units may not participate in a SAR mission unless they have people trained to quickly and successfully accomplish the mission. Life-saving techniques, attained through prior planning and practical exercises in performing the tasks required, must be carried out with speed and effeciency. SAR missions can be quite involved, with many functions and activities to be supervised and accomplished. Disaster Relief (DR) Operations The Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) is the single point of contact within the federal system for disaster relief planning and management. This includes civil defense, natural disaster, and man-made emergencies. CAP has national-level agreements with many government and non-government relief agencies. Included are such organizations as FEMA, the American Red Cross, and the Salvation Army. CAP also has agreements with local agencies at wing levels and participates with the various state and local emergency management offices. Other Flight Missions CAP flight activities are not limited to SAR and DR. There is a national-level agreement between CAP and the US Customs Service and the Drug Enforcement Agency. Under this agreement, CAP provides reconnaissance, transportation, and communications services to assist these agencies in the control of drug traffic. CAP has no law enforcement authority, it only provides "eyes". Another important mission for CAP pilots is orientation flights for CAP cadets and college Air Force ROTC cadets. These flights are often the first opportunities they have to fly and are great movitvators. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- AEROSPACE EDUCATION Actually, aerospace education activities permeate most of CAP's functions in one way or another. There are two distinct programs. One is for CAP members and follows a definite plan of participation and progression. The second program is for nonmembers of CAP-- for teachers, classroom students, school administrators, and other interested individuals. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- THE CADET PROGRAM The CAP Cadet Program is designed to motivate and develop well-rounded young people, who in turn will become model citizens and the future leaders of our nation. The program introduces thousands of young people between the ages of 12 and 20 to aviation, and offers outstanding programs, including some that provide flight instruction in a light airplane or glider at low cost. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------



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by KELTON A. from Chavies, KY (Administrator for this Organization) (2008-11-22 05:01:41.0)
It is a great Organization, youth from 12 years up get to fly aircraft. Get to do Search and Rescue missions. Great program to motivate youth.