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Mission Statement

A public-Spirited non-profit with essential focus on community educational activity to improve the quality of life of local residents, and access to a 'physical hub' is the foundation for social cohesion and community development providing a vital role in our economic, social and environmental well-being.


Guardian Community Development Centers

CMS's Comprehensive Review reallocation of assets and resources presents an unprecedented opportunity to support and foster the vital mission of the Charlotte-Mecklenburg Schools and enable the communities of the closed schools to remain vibrant with extended CMS educational & social programs for the students, families and the community.

A seamless re-adaptation and conversion of the existing facilities to Community Development Centers "CDC" will enrich the lives of the entire Charlotte community by engaging our youth in a healthy, modern, and inspiring environment.

These self-sustaining, innovative and efficient CDCs will provide a much needed new class of services that will transform the lives of the economically and socially disadvantaged communities surrounding most these facilities, thus fulfilling our moral obligation to our community. Fragments of these services are seldom found in the Club-Houses of the most affluent neighbourhoods in Charlotte.

This transformation will have a profound positive impact on the community and allocate existing assets and resources into its "Highest and Best Use". These CDC's will also form the extension of CMS' vital educational and social work in the community after hours, on weekends, holidays, Spring and summer breaks including the USDA summer lunch program.

Essential focus on community educational activity to improve the quality of life of local residents, and access to a 'physical hub' is the foundation for social cohesion and community development providing a vital role in our economic, social and environmental well-being by creating more than 500 new jobs for these 11 communities.

The Non-Profit nature of Guardian Community Development Centers "GCDC" fulfils its community building mission in a robust but very economical environment. A multitude of its core services will be "Free or Income-Based" pricing structure.

GCDCs will be open from 6 am - 9 pm year around for a vibrant, healthy, stimulating, inspiring and safe environment for all.

All facilities are readily suitable for all intended purposes of this project without any noticeable modification. GCDC will create Comprehensive, self-sustaining and efficient re-utilization of these valuable assets for the benefit of the whole community CMS endeavours and strives to serve. A collaboration of this magnitude is an opportunity we can't afford to pass.

Core Services

  1. 1. Educational programs.

  1. A. Tutoring programs for all student levels in all subjects (Mostly volunteer Corp).

  1. B. Adult education (GED, CE, Computer Literacy, Job Skills and ESL).

  1. C. Community Youth Project.

  1. D. Seminars and workshops for personal Development.

  1. E. After School program.

  1. F. Day-Care and Child -Watch programs.

  1. G. Study halls and computer labs to compensate for the closure of local libraries.

  1. 2. Sports & Recreation programs.

  1. H. Variety of team sports and physical activity both indoor and outdoor depending on the facility's layout and its potential for accommodation of these activities.

  1. I. Each center will sport its own athletic and sports club to engage the children, youth and families of the community thus keeping the center bursting with activities at all times.

  1. J. Summer and holiday camps for children and youth.

Programs includes several types of camps each with a different focus, such as: art, cooking, sport, fitness, swimming, fine and gross motor skill development, and socialization skills. Camps also offer teambuilding and leadership opportunities. Youth Camps are in high demand. Parents are looking for programs that have short time commitments, while offering introductions to a variety of recreation activities.

  1. K. Family Social Nights and Community Picnics embracing cultural diversity and fostering an enhanced sense of community spirit.

  1. L. Adult and senior citizen's recreational activities.Hobbies & Crafts Clubs.

  1. M. Venue for family, class reunions, special events and functions. These events will enhance revenue of the catering and food service business.

  1. 3. Social Programs

  1. N. Community Outreach services.

  1. O. Family and youth counselling.

  1. P. Drug/Alcohol rehabilitation Counseling.

  1. Q. A conduit for social support programs for all ages.

  1. R. Programs dealing with youth issues such as parenting classes, teenage pregnancy, and anti social behaviour.

  1. S. The centers will promote health, both physical and mental through a variety of programs in conjunction with local organizations.

  1. 4. Economic programs

  1. T. Career counseling. Workforce skill rebuilding and training support.

  1. U. Job placement and Temporary employment agency.

  1. V. More than 500 new Jobs are created throughout all 11 facilities. In addition to the services of an army of volunteers in all disciplines.

  1. 5. Food Service

  1. W. On Site Cafeteria Food Services. Will enhance community spirit in the neighbourhood by providing people in the community young and old with a drop in center for recreation, leisure time where they can come in for food and social interaction in a community center environment.

  1. X. USDA Summer lunch program & USDA Child Care Food Program.

  1. Y. USDA Commodity Supplemental Food Program (CSFP)

  1. Z. USDA Emergency Assistance Program (TEFAP)



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