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Mission Statement

Connecting people with animals to inspire compassion, respect and empathy for one another, while reducing violence in our homes, schools and community.


Paws Helping People offers programs to children and adults that help awaken character values that seems to be dissolving in our communities. Animals can teach people how to behave towards one another in a kind, respectful manner through animal assisted therapy and humane education programs.

Humane Education Programs:

Character In The Classrooms: This program reaches children in schools, afterschool and youth programs by offering classes such as;

"Dog Talk" Understanding how animals communicate to us and to eachother. Children learn how to be safe around animals by understanding body language and that animals have feelings. (3.5 million U.S. children are bitten by dogs each year. More than 50% of the bites come from family dogs and 40% come from neighbors or friends dogs). This class teaches Respect and Empathy for others.

"Cats! Cats! and More Cats!" This class teaches children about overpopulation and what they can do to help prevent unwanted kittens from being born and becoming homeless. This class teaches Responsibility and Citizenship.

"Web of Life and YOU!" This class teaches children about the fragile existence of our environment and how our actions of everyday have an affect on the environment and wildlife. Children learn how to be pro-active champions for the environment in their community. This class teaches Respect, Responsibility, Empathy and Citizenship

Animal Assisted Therapy Program:

Canines Teaching Compassion: is a 6 week course teaching at-risk youth and their families how to positively communicate with one another through dog training. When children and their parents/caregivers see the results of dogs responding to positive treatment and reinforcers, these communication skills translate into improved family functioning. PHP partners with social service agencies in order to reach these at-risk families and their children.

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