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Mission Statement

My name is Ryan. My team has been working in the public sector for over 10 years, from working with high-risk city youth for anti-drug anti-violence to now starting my own medical organization I created that’s a small medical global team doing international work in poor dangerous developing countries for security and medicine. We are now honestly spread too thin. We don’t want money or donations. What we need is ONLINE DRIVEN VOLUNTEERS who will help us with being ONLINE SOCIAL MEDIA MANAGERS. These are people who need to honesty care about the drug crisis with youth, the school violence and shootings, poverty and public health. This is our work. Here’s what we would love and happily write you recommendation letters of any kind in return for your online volunteering.



1) PUBLIC SCHOOLS: Develop our YouTube / Twitter / Facebook sites (we trust you) and reach out to schools in the US of your choice and promote 100% free anti-drug anti-violence school class material for Gym class and Health class in middle schools and high schools.

2) OPEN SOURCES: using YouTube / Twitter / Facebook sites to promote 100% free "Skype Online Education" program where educated individuals can go right on our website and find their own nonprofit in a poor developing country and connect with a local leader there, doing education or public policy change work.

3) BUILD A CITY: We are trying to create a document that includes "How to" basics and resources for poor rural areas to most efficiently and effectively "build a city" from their electricity, water sanitation, using local herbs and foods as medicine for places without hospitals or clinics, agriculture and local economy. But we need you to HELP US FIND SPECIALISTS in each respective area to help us "build" the protocol (i.e. a 3 page PDF file on best cheapest ways to do water sanitation in various environments). So you are helping us find these specialists in their field to help write some protocols for our team’s document called "BUILD A CITY".

Any questions email me at communicationplatform123@gmail.com


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