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Mission Statement

New Morning, Inc. is a non-profit organization. Our mission , methodology and program is tailored and structured to provide transitional housing, and specialized marketable training programs, specifically designed to empower female ex-offenders, males ex-offenders and at risk youth (young men and women who are juvenile/adolescents).


New Morning, Inc seeks to empower primarily first, female ex-offenders whom were previously incarcerated with the proper tools to navigate and be successful with their respective re-entry and reintegration back into society. Why do we select to focus on female ex-offenders first and foremost?

Since women are historically the matriarch and focal part of the domestic nucleus and as such, they face different challenges then the men and at risk youth. Statistics indicate, in most cases, that women are the head of the household and take in various roles outside of the basic Mother and Wife roles, which allows for other unforeseen obstacles and dilemma's to develop and unfortunately undermine their efforts. The effects of criminal convictions on Voting, Employment Discrimination, Public benefits and entitlements, Housing, Child Custody, and Jury Service can easily marginalize and frustrate the re-entry and reintegration process.

New Morning, Inc. embraces and perpetuates a "non traditional model" that establishes an ideological framework for a major departure from traditional theories and assumptions about crime and prisons. This concept manifests that the goal should not be to rehabilitate a ex-offenderr, but instead to empower him or her. This organization seeks to focus on women ex-offenders first before we perform social outreach to the male ex-offenders and at risk youth.

Each potential member has their own social deficits that are factually specific which exposes their pathologies, flaws, deficiencies and shortcomings. This reality lends credence as to why personal programs must be tailored specifically for the women individually.

New Morning, Inc program methodology is not designed to provide bandaid solutions, rather we intend to provide comprehensive and viable triage, which will increase the likelihood of our members purging the negative criminal mentality, and misdirected behavior, which is exacerbated by frustration, so that they can become law abiding productive citizens within their respective communities.



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