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Mission Statement

"For The Good Of The Kids" ©

Our Mission A Golf Club Without Real Estate ... For The Fundamental Benefit Of Low-Income, Disadvantaged, & Underprivileged Kids

Adult & Kids’ Continued Membership Expansion - April, 2011

FIRST - To provide, for the fundamental benefit and on behalf of disadvantaged, underprivileged children, support and guidance by adult members of the golfing community and other interested parties, via a formal golf membership organization;

SECOND - To promote and foster between and among the private golf & country clubs, club members, and disadvantaged, underprivileged kids a communal bond;

THIRD - To establish a formal framework for such bonding and fraternity/sorority to benefit kids and to encourage substantial interaction and support (including mentoring, scholarships, special invitations, special events, and educational programs) by private golf & country clubs, club members with disadvantaged children (under the auspices and administration of the kids’ schools and community groups); and,

FOURTH - To simultaneously promote, conserve and apply, for the primary benefit of disadvantaged children, the best interests and true spirit of golf as embodied in its ancient and honorable traditions.


Adult members establish the core group of committed "golfer-mentors" for the Magic Woods Golf Club, a Golf Club Without Real Estate and a member of the New York/Connecticut/Long Island "Met Section" (MGA) of the USGA. For Further Information please see http://magicwoods.ghinclub.com (An Adult Member Registration Application is also included therein).

The Magic Woods Golf Club has 6 membership category levels and a realistic goal of 50 new adult members in 2011 and 5,000 adult members by 2014 ... with 500 kids defacto membership (under the auspices and administration of their schools and community groups) in 2011 and 25,000 kids by the end of 2014. We will thereby expand our efforts since 1999 to gain community inclusion for disadvantaged, underprivileged kids and significantly expand the "improved citizenship" of Private & Resort Golf & Country Club Members.

To enrich and inspire the lives of disadvantaged children through access and community inclusion by and from the world of golf and private country clubs & develop corollary positive interactions with "privileged" private club members generally in a position to provide disadvantaged kids with mentoring, internships, invitations, higher-education scholarships and challenge-reward programs as motivation and inspiration.

Our vision is a greater sense of responsibility by "golf" (and private country club golfers) to help disadvantaged, underprivileged kids - more for access & inclusion than for recreation, with parallel initiatives of scholarships, mentoring, essay contests, challenge & reward programs, & special invitations as incentives and experiencing "new worlds", with Golf serving as the "link" between private country club members and less-fortunate, underprivileged children, with new and often unprecedented opportunities gained via access to positive environments, new life experiences, and the engagement of member-golfers who can improve the lives of economically disadvantaged kids.

To create coordinate educational initiatives (school and community-based programs) and a range of life-enriching experiences and new worlds ... Private golf & country club members to help deserving, under-served, low-income children within the framework of golf and educational and life lesson enrichment.

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