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Mission Statement

Building on long standing traditions of caring through projects that build unity and promote moral values is among the highest priorities of the Somebody Cares organization, while developing high quality national philanthropic resources and media relationships that benefit the communities in which it operates, as well as, providing a venue for services to families in the community and involvement of volunteers from diverse areas.


A variety of philanthropic projects are taken in the Hernando County region throughout the year, including the organization of compassion events that involve networking over 100 community groups from diverse sectors (government groups, local businesses, churches, agencies and ministries, fraternal orders and civic groups and the school system) to impact the lives of families in communities through positive "displays of caring, unity and family values". These events are free and open to all, providing health screening, information for children and families, and feature large scale county wide distribution of needed items ( eg. school supplies, sneakers, clothing, food, personal care items ), to help meet unmet needs of families, youth and the elderly with special help to those living in under developed areas, single parents with children, school lunch or other public assisted families, or in general families in the "grey area" which may not meet specific guidelines to receive more formal assistance. Distributions are available to anyone that comes that feels these resources can help them and their families in their struggle to maintain their quality of life without paper work or other intrusive questions, in an environment that preserves human dignity and trust. Somebody Cares is registered with VolunteerMatch, OBI International and other organizations that mobilize community volunteers as a not-for-profit, national organization, based in Houston, Texas (Somebody Cares America) , with a regional hub located in the Greater Tampa Bay Area (Somebody Cares Tampa Bay) , and offices in Spring Hill, serving Hernando County (Somebody Cares Hernando) and the surrounding area.

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