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Mission Statement

There was a time when people in general knew that the hand of God was reaching out to them because of the presence of individuals who could perform "random acts of kindness". Nowadays, there are some people who wonder if God exists, in part because they don't feel that energy or see kindness around them so often any more.

The mission statement of New Life Society is to rekindle that flow of caring once again in human society. We seek to find ways and means to offer sheltering, food, guidance, and a general loving hand to persons in distress. This is an offering which is meant to transcend the boundaries of race, religion, sex, or economic considerations; even the wealthiest can be poor in their hearts, and needing nurturing, loving, and caring.

We believe that caring for the welfare of others is an art, as well as a delicate balance of energies. In today"s society, how to give, and how to care, without being taken advantage of and exploited, is a challenging topic. We strive to incorporate in our programs and services all persons who are willing to give their help, their energies, and their experiences to allow us to be of service to others.


Hoping to develop afternoon activites for the youth in Venice, some of them homeless.....looking for people to do sports, mentoring, counseling, and distribute snacks. Also, seeking a location in Venice (building/audirorium)

We can start just on the beach if need be....will just take more organization and determination.

Also looking for persons to present our grant proposal to prospective donors.



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