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Mission Statement

Restore & Repair Missionary Outreach is a non-profit organization with 501c3 status. Educating and empowering the lives of our community in an international way. We are a dynamic cultural organization and realize that crisis, loss of jobs, abuse etc... has no name or color barrier. Now serving King County and South King County we've added R & R Storehouse which allows us to give out free grocery's to the needs of the vulnerble.


Greetings to all ,if you are one with a servants attitude or just want to help out a fellow neighbor you are encouraged to join Restore & Repair. The Outreach that is making a difference in our community nation wide. Yes, folks we are a international ministry doing the work.
We are expanding our wings like one of an Eagle, empowering the lives of people that there is hope and people who care. It also gives us great pleasure to add that we are now assisting with permanent housing and homebound individuals. The need for community support during our recession is so great.
We've expanded our horizon and not just assisting women and girls who are victims of abuse, but we now help men and boys escape the cycle as well. It is true that many men are being abused, but not being able to move forward due to the lack of support. We not only support, but find safety for men and boys who are victims.
Please help us raise awareness for this is a great need of today, men may not always be physically abused. There are those emotionally scared, we take the time to help men become a better man without the hate towards the batterer. R & R understands that in this economic crunch finances play a big key to many men being abused in more than one way. Divorce is on the uprise and society doesn't won't to acknowledge it. Bold as a lion yet gentle as a lamb we've taken on this project. Help stop violence against men as well as women, it could be your brother just as well as you sister. Will you join us? Let's make a difference and spread real agape love around.
For many this is a touchy subject for men aren't suppose to cry, we all know that is a myth. If you got feelings you will cry, it is human nature. If you got feelings you feel pain, get let down the list can go on, but I am sure you get the point. Our ministry My Brother's Keeper is sweeping the nation please help support if nothing else donate to help our cause go forward.



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