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Mission Statement

Our Mission: To Serve. To Educate. To Advocate

The Hispanic Center of Western Michigan is a non-profit organization serving the needs of the Hispanic and broader community. We strive to provide an avenue for education and openness to promote discussion of the distinctions and values of different nationalities and cultures. The Center also focuses on the common thread that unites all people: a desire for understanding and respect of our differences. We believe that this shared human experience connects us all.

Since 1978, the Hispanic Center has offered the services that individuals and families in the community have needed to help them achieve self-sufficiency. At the basis of our success is a bilingual and bicultural staff that enables us to provide a culturally competent and responsive setting for our Spanish-speaking clients. Minimizing the misunderstandings among different cultures allows for a more open dialogue and effective communication.


The Hispanic Center of Western Michigan is a non-profit 501(c) (3) community-based organization, primarily serving the needs of the Latino community in West Michigan. Founded in 1978, the goal of the Hispanic Center was to provide unmet social services to the Hispanic community in Kent County. The first office of the Hispanic Center was located at 1935 S. Division, Grand Rapids, MI. In 1983, the Hispanic Center coordinated an effort to secure an old fire station from the City of Grand Rapids for the price of $1.00. The fire barn was located at 560 Hall Street. This building was to be used, after renovation, as the Hispanic Center's new office and community center. The first floor of the building was utilized for community events. The second floor of the newly acquired building was used by Hispanic Center staff to provide employment assistance, information and referral, and interpretation services to the community.

In 1987, the Hispanic Center contracted with Catholic Human Development (CHD) to provide management support in the re-organization of the Hispanic Center. The manager at the time, Dennis Sturtevant, requested continued and expanded funding to improve the management of the Hispanic Center. In 1989, the Hispanic Center's re-organized Board of Directors assumed full responsibility for the management of the agency. Also during that year, the Hispanic Center negotiated an agreement with St. Mary's Heath Services to open a family health clinic on the first floor of the old fire barn building. The new clinic was called Clinica Santa Maria. Clinica Santa Maria was managed and funded by St. Mary's Health Services and private donations. In 1997, the Hispanic Center and Clinica Santa Maria moved to a new building built by St. Mary's Health Services located at 730 Grandville Ave. SW in Grand Rapids.

Currently, the Hispanic Center offers the following programs and services to both the Latino and broader community of Western Michigan:

Family Support Services (including Domestic Violence assistance, Mental Health services, Information & Referral, as well as assistance with emergency Housing issues, Wage and Hour concerns, Civil Rights problems, Public Benefit concerns, etc.)

Adult Education & Employment (including English as a Second Language (ESL) courses, Computer Literacy classes, GED support, Job Placement assistance, etc.)

Youth Services

Immigrant Rights Program

Civic Engagement

Interpretation and Translation Services

Cultural Competency

In November of 2006, the Center moved to the newly restored fire barn at the old Hall Street location. A new address (1204 Grandville Ave., SW) as well as some new paint and a new look graces the building. Still today, the dream of meeting the needs in the Latino community marches onward.

In 2005, the Hispanic Center modified its mission statement to read: "To Serve. To Educate. To Advocate" For the staff, board, and volunteers of the Hispanic Center, this statement means we offer services the community needs in order to bridge gaps in cultural differences, build self-sufficiency in individuals and families, and ultimately grow an integrated, stronger community together.



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by Tyra M. (2011-09-27 15:22:48.0)
I liked volunteering here,because i love the spanish culture and love learning more about the spanish background.I love the language and the environment we were surrounded by was Fantastic! I would love to come back