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Mission Statement

The Iraqi Artists Association (IAA) is a non-profit organization (501) (C) (3) dedicated to expanding opportunities and exposure for Iraqi artists worldwide, while serving as a unifying center for community information and interaction. Through the arts, we seek to broaden an appreciation for Iraq's rich history and culture, and thus, foster understanding between the east and the west. With so many social, political and religious issues regarding Iraq and Iraqis happening on a daily basis, it has become absolutely essential to create an organization that addresses a neglected though highly compelling part of that world - art.


IAA's Mission & Vision are to:

1 - Connect and support Iraqi artists of various backgrounds, from visual artists, film-makers and photographers to writers, choreographers, and composers:
a - By providing a forum for coordination of artistic activities, including networking resources and production for promotional materials which enrich the relationships between these artists and their communities.
b - By offering technical assistance on artistic matters to individuals and organizations.

2 - Build an awareness of Iraqi arts, culture and history through local and national programs:
a - By creating a high quality artistic environment that offers appealing experiences to the public and which encourages Iraqis to participate in making, presenting and preserving Iraq's art.
b - By providing opportunities for cross-cultural collaboration between Iraqis and other diverse populations.
c - By publishing and producing material which furthers an understanding of the role of the arts, culture and community in local, regional, national and international contexts.

3 - Integrate Iraq's cultural arts into the global world and encourage young people to participate in the process and product of artistic creation and to develop a respect for the role of the artist in the evolution of human culture.


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