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Mission Statement

Dansology was organized and is operated exclusively for charitable and educational purposes. In particular, Dansology was created to stimulate, promote, encourage and sustain interest in and appreciation of modern dance and music and educate the public about the use of the body as a form of art and expression. Dansology creates and composes its own dance works which represent multi-media productions with, not only original dances, but also, original music, video and other visual elements and costumes. Dansology performs its productions in full presentations upon completion of a work and showcases for works in progress. Dansology conducts workshops and lecture/demonstrations which are open to the public. During these workshops and lecture/demonstrations the performers perform a segment of a piece and then offer the audience the opportunity to perform the moves that comprise the piece. During these demonstrations, Dansology actually teaches the audience how to perform the moves of a piece and what goes into actually putting together a production. In addition, [frequently] before and after a performance, the dance company holds a symposium to enable the public to ask questions about the work and the various artists performing the work. Dansology also holds open rehearsals in which it invites members of the community to attend rehearsals to view the "naked" version of a piece. Koosil-ja Hwang, a director of Dansology, composes each dance work. She interviews music composers, video artists and performers. Koosil-ja then chooses the artists that she believes are best suited for the work. The composers, video artists and performers are chosen project-by-project. Accordingly, the artists composing or performing a work vary among the productions.


We are looking for a space where we can create and presentt our new work Mech[a], and we are looking into a foreclosure property and need a lieagal advise. We name our search of a space "Final Hoeme". "Final Home" is a geography expansion program for art and new audience. We will focus on the lesser known far eastern area of Brooklyn, and on Long Island City, Queens. We will move into a new community and attract a new audience. This will serve our mission to create a work as a social sculpture that reflects on all people and culture, and to test our cultural strength. Dansology's mission is to create a dance work with mix media and therefore to collaborate with other media artists. This mission became our nature and an expectation of the audience.



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