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Mission Statement

We are dedication the the growth of cinematic education and the development of the Mid West film community


For the past five years, fans of the often misunderstood genre of B-Movies gather in Franklin, Indiana - not just to watch classic films, but to, as the name implies, celebrate them!

What is the difference? Perhaps it is joy of seeing the films on the big screen of a cinema, or perhaps it is the camaraderie of viewing them with other fans. It may also be the rebellious feel of enjoying films that usually come from outside the mainstream Hollywood system. Whatever it is, it is real and the fans who journey through the cornfields of central Indiana to attend the celebration know it.

The inspiration are the films and filmmakers whose films we loved growing up, from Charles Lamont and his Ma and Pa Kettle films, to Jacques Tourneur to Tom Holland and Fright Night. The B Movie Celebrations goal is a simple one: to make film fans and filmmakers aware that there exists a tradition of filmmaking which is often ignored by the mainstream film industry. As Hollywood exists today - in their mind, anyways - there really are only two types of films: The Big Budget Blockbuster and The Independent Film (which in their mind is the same as "art films."). What we are trying to do is celebrate the tradition of B Film and its current practitioners like Lloyd Kaufman, Jim Wynorski ,Fred Olen Ray ,David DeCoteau and others. We want to bring everyone together for a weekend and discuss the past and future of B filmmaking.



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