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Mission Statement

Depression and Bipolar Support Alliance Greater Houston provides free and confidential support groups to individuals living with and family and friends affect by, depression and bipolar disorders.

The vision of DBSA is for every person with depression or bipolar disorder to enhance his or her management of the illnesses through participation in DBSA support groups. DBSA sponsored support groups also serve to sustain family members and friends who are trying to understand these two mood disorders, as they try to assist their loved ones. In addition, DBSA Greater Houston educates the public about these two mental disorders and confronts the social stigma surrounding these mental health issues.


Mental health disorders affect millions of Americans each year. 740,000 children and adults live with mental illness in Harris County (Mental Health Needs Council, Inc. (MHNC), 2009). Depression and bipolar disorder, collectively known as "mood disorders", are the two most commonly diagnosed mental illnesses. Like other mental illnesses, depression and bipolar disorder transcend sex, age, gender, socio-economic status and ethnicity.

To meet this unmet need, DBSA sponsors over 70 weekly support groups in the Houston metropolitan area, and each group is led by a facilitator trained by DBSA. The majority of groups are public, non-exclusive, and based on the participants’ proximity to the support group’s location. Since the end of 2008, DBSA has worked to open groups targeting unique populations including veterans, adolescents, young adults, senior citizens and Spanish-speaking individuals.



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by michelle p. (2014-12-13 03:13:12.0)
I am bipolar and my husband and I participated in a Clearlake support group for 3 years. It was very helpful being around other people who are dealing with the same issues you are and the group facilitators are highly trained. If you need to find a support group in your area you can go to the dbsahouston.org website and find one. Each support group is a little different from the other - so shop around till you find one that fits and give it a chance.
by Marisa C. (2012-06-09 13:23:25.0)
I would recommend it to my friends , not only because many of them go through depression and are bi-polar, but because I used to suffer of depression a while ago; but I met people who weren't in the program and gave me support through my moments and helped me escape my depression. When I came across this I realized a lot of people won't get the same help I received and I would really appreciate it if I could be there for people like this, and I know they would be just as grateful; to know that they're not alone. So anyone that can help would really be great for us.