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Mission Statement

To improve the community by providing comprehensive public health services which prepare children and families to live successfully and produce positive actions and changes in themselves and their environment.


Indirect: Access Services To Youth - A beacon of resources for over 300 families who seek mentoring, tutoring and counseling assistance Youth Opportunities Initiative -Promote positive youth development within the context of a supportive, asset-rich community environment for youth ages 9 - 14 West Philadelphia Faith-Based Initiative - Coordinate faith-based institutions to address the literacy needs of young people in West Philadelphia, grades 1 through 6 Adolescent Family Life Project -Haddington - Abstinence education to youth in Haddington and surrounding neighborhoods Adult Family Life -Nicetown/Tioga - Abstinence education to youth in Nicetown/Tioga and surrounding neighborhoods Family-Focused Initiative -Provides a family focused approach to engage families to strengthen communities through leadership training and community enhancement efforts Direct: Invest In Yourself Teen Program - Year-round program that promotes good health, civic responsibility, finance and entrepreneurship skills for youth ages 12-16 West Philadelphia Pre-Teen/Teen Project--Comprises two Programs -Safe Haven: Creative health and personal growth curriculum, including abstinence education and guided community service experiences for 9-13-year old youth at The Safe Haven, located at St. Matthews A.M.E. Church, 57th & Vine StreetsĀ· Alcove: Similar to Safe Haven, but designed for older youth ages 14-18. Services include health education, Life Skills Training - guided, homelike environment, and job readiness training HIV Prevention Project -Promoting education among youth ages 13-18 in a safe, inviting environment at The Den, located at 1628 Venango Street, as a means of preventing involvement in high-risk behaviors that could lead to HIV infection Haddington Senior Program -Guidance for good health and nutrition, food baskets (complete with a variety of ingredients for a healthy meal); interactive games, arts and crafts, field trips, opportunities to interact with and mentor young people Education Mentoring Program -An initiative that emphasizes the value of learning in a professional work environment by selected student-mentees to shadow mentors who represent a variety of professions city-wide West Philadelphia Beacon Community Campus - A school-based, community-run safe haven created to support the healthy development of children and their families, and the revitalization of West Philadelphia communities. Services and programs such as GED classes, after-school youth development programs, and a legal resource network to residents Delinquency Prevention Project - Provides intensive prevention and intervention services to youth referred by the local Department of Human Services. Services include Life Skills Training, Health Education, counseling and job readiness training

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