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Mission Statement

Helping Others Progress Effectively is an organization with a mission to help people, in the DFW community, progress and reach positive goals that will enhance their lives. It will provide a network of professional who will provide free training for life, financial, and career skills. For those who are willing to complete the training, it will provide immediate relief of financial burdens holding them back. This organization hopes to effectively change the lives of people in the DFW area and expand throughout the nation.


Helping Others Progress Effectively will create a social change that will spread through the United States. HOPE will build a network of professionals willing to volunteer their time to train underprivileged individuals that cannot afford the training. Unlike similar programs that want to help in life progression, HOPE will provide these services to individuals for free. In addition, HOPE will help relieve financial strains that are holding them back (any bills or finances that if unpaid will decrease the quality of life for individuals).

Each person will go through training, receive financial assistance, and will continue to receive guidance on their future career and financial endeavors. The goal is for a person to receive assistance and to have a positive change and continued guidance to effectively change their life. Unlike other similar programs, HOPE is free, is only available to underprivileged, and it provides free guidance even after the training is complete.

HOPE will start locally in Dallas/Fort Worth and then spread across the nation. Each city will have a local office run by a site director. Each site office should be run by hired staff and volunteers from that specific community. Because each site will be run locally, it will have the support of the community.



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