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Mission Statement

Brilliant Scientists of Tomorrow Inc. (BSOT) is a multifaceted organization. At BSOT, our primary focus is not only to provide education but also to offer 'cures' for math and science phobias. We strive to awaken the scientific genius in people of all walks of life- not just students; because, science is for everyone. So, the main aspirations of Brilliant Scientists of Tomorrow, Inc. are to educate the public, to reduce the science illiteracy rate, and to encourage the public to gain a love and appreciation for science. We will serve the public through providing scholarship opportunities, science contests, internships, tutoring, an online school, and research opportunities.


Brilliant Scientists of Tomorrow, Inc. is a nonprofit organization. Our board of directors is comprised entirely of educators who have taught at both the college and high school levels. The CEO of Brilliant Scientists of Tomorrow, Dr. Bretta Blanton, has a very extensive science background- over 23 years of experience as a chemist. Brilliant Scientists of Tomorrow, Inc. offers many services to the community:

College scholarships that are not necessarily based upon GPA but mainly upon character and/or potential

Paid science internships, for ages 14-114! These internships can lead to publication opportunities.

Science bowls/contests for the community - both students and non students. Our science bowls/contests offer cash prizes, and ages 16 to 116 are eligible to participate. There is a novice division (no experience to minimal experience), an intermediate division and an expert division. We particularly love to host these contests in disadvantaged communities.

We are in the process of building an online school that will offer an accelerated masters program in chemistry as well as a chemistry certification program.

So, it is our hope that we have made it crystal clear to you that the main aspirations of Brilliant Scientists of Tomorrow, Inc. are both to educate the public and to encourage the public to gain a love and appreciation for science. Moreover, at Brilliant Scientists of Tomorrow, Inc. we understand that human beings are to be caretakers of the Earth. Therefore, many of our research projects revolve around environmentalism and/or are environmentally friendly. Thank you for stopping by and perusing our website. We look forward to serving you.

Bretta Blanton, PhD

History of Organization:

Dr. Bretta Blanton has long possessed a passion for science as well as for science education. As a result, the majority of her life has been spent either tutoring or teaching chemistry, physics, and/or various disciplines of mathematics. A number of Dr. Blanton's students and clients will point out that she has an excellent ability to translate complex subjects into laymen's terms. Dr. Blanton has spent the past 10 years working as an educator- at both the high school and college levels. Moreover, Dr. Blanton has facilitated several workshops and student programs such as GRE (Graduate Record Exam) workshops, environmental awareness workshops, and chemistry student research programs. It is her ambition to make a difference via using science as a means to fix some of the world's problems; and through training others to use science in a positive manner.

Recently, Dr. Blanton felt that she could make more of a difference by starting her own organization. She noticed that too many students, especially those from disadvantaged communities, were being 'tossed by the wayside'- when it came to the sciences. These students were either being discouraged from taking certain science classes, or they were being 'passed' from class to class without having gained the proper knowledge. It is Dr. Blanton's belief that science is for everyone. Therefore, it is her passion to promote science literacy for all, i.e. to make such opportunities available to the 'masses'. Thus, she founded Brilliant Scientists of Tomorrow Inc, 501 c (3) - which offers such opportunities.

Goals of your Organization/Method of Evaluation

Our long range goal is to increase the scientific aptitude of our contestants by a minimum of 10% within one year. We propose to keep in touch with the contestants of the 'Non-Traditional Chemistry Bowl' and to target them for our other science enrichment programs: such as online tutoring, our online school, science scholarships, and science internships. Furthermore, the contest entry exam will serve as a pretest that will help us to gain insight into their science aptitude. Contestants will be required to complete a post test two days prior to the contest. This test will also be administered through our website. We will also keep track of changes in their levels of science education and participation in science programs over the course of one year. This data will all aid in measuring changes in their scientific aptitude.

In closing, there are many organizations who offer science bowls, scholarships, internships, and tutoring. However, we at Brilliant Scientists of Tomorrow, Inc. are atypical, because we make these opportunities available to those who are usually overlooked. Our goal is to provide science education to all who are in need, both here in America and abroad.

Recent Accomplishments:

In the summer of 2009, Dr. Blanton facilitated the Brilliant Scientists of Tomorrow Summer Research Program in the West End community of Atlanta, GA. Both the poverty level & crime rate of Atlanta's West End community are very high. Moreover, the students, who were in the program, were from disadvantaged backgrounds. Some of the students had even served time in jail. However, a number of the students, who were in this program, have enrolled in college. And, others have improved in their behavior and are now engaging in positive activities such as community service.

Dr. Blanton has also offered a Brilliant Scientists of Tomorrow Cash Award for science majors. Applicants had to write an essay along with their application. The winner was selected based upon character, level of financial need, and the quality of his/her essay. This award is to be used as a supplement for school-related expenses.

Additionally, Dr. Blanton has incorporated the Chemistry Student of the Year Award, a cash award funded through Brilliant Scientists of Tomorrow. This award is for Fourth year Chemistry students, and its aim is to help to increase the retention rate of chemistry majors. Typically, at the University of Malawi, during the First year, there can be up to two hundred chemistry majors. However, by the Fourth year, there are usually less than ten chemistry majors.

Dr. Blanton has also incorporated and is funding departmental teaching assistants (TA) for the University of Malawi through Brilliant Scientists of Tomorrow. The Teaching Assistants will receive a monthly stipend. One of the main problems in Malawi is overcrowded class rooms- even at the college level. For example, some of the General Chemistry classes can have up to 200 students. And, there are only six chemistry faculty members. As a result, the faculty has all of its time consumed by grading. Consequently, it is very difficult for them to be able to publish and/or to participate in scholarly activities.

Dr. Blanton has also hosted several workshops in Malawi that are aimed at getting more women into the sciences as well as making the general public to feel comfortable with chemistry.

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