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Mission Statement

Our mission is to (1) engender respect for the lives of women and marginalized youth by advancing media portrayals of their inherent value, worth, and humanity; and (2) foster agency in the lives of disenfranchised individuals by providing the opportunity to influence and advocate for media portrayals that respectfully represent them. We build this work through our annual Weekend of Uplift Conference and Youth Media Literacy Peer Mentor Program.


Weekend of Uplift:

We set aside at least 24 hours annually to pay homage to women who have been victims of violence, including violent images in media. We celebrate womanhood by supporting music and media outlets that commit to playing music with lyrics that respectfully represent women. These songs do not degrade women sexually.They serve to uplift and inspire and connect with the humanity of all women. We host a weekend of events on Mother's Day weekend, including film screenings, workshops, multimedia stage presentations, ocean side libation ceremonies, and a live concert!

This is our charge:

  1. Wear all white in solidarity on Mother's Day weekend to honor and pay homage to the women of our community.
  2. Cease from physical, sexual and verbal violence against women.
  3. Uplift women with empowering, loving, forgiving, gracious, and compassionate language and interactions.
  4. TURN OFF media outlets that play songs with misogynistic, degrading content.
  5. TURN ON media outlets that support women with music that respectfully represents them.
  6. Purchase and download music for women that honors, respects, and serves to uplift their spirits (recommended music and artists are posted on site).
  7. Celebrate one another at our annual Weekend of Uplift events.

Peer Mentor Program

Understanding the impact that music and media have on youth development, our media literacy and social action peer mentorship component is designed to help teenagers make healthy, conscious decisions in media consumption and to learn to engage in service learning initiatives that could impact media reform at local and national levels.

This program includes a partnership of Mother's Day Radio staff, the Women of Color Media Justice Initiative, school staff and students, and local university students.It is also supported by industry professionals and artists with a vested interest in providing youth with positive musical alternatives to misogynistic and violence driven commercial Hip-Hop.

As a part of a service learning collaboration, local university students are trained to go into selected high schools and facilitate group sessions along the following media justice themes:

• Urban music, television, film, and print

• Misogyny

• Patriarchy

• Violence

• Gender stereotypes

• Media and identity

• Media and socialization (including dating behavior)

It is important to us that this work is reflective, collaborative and effective in helping students translate what they learn in the classrooms to real-life engaging activity. Reflective practice is based upon current research and theories in the field.



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