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Mission Statement

Starting Hearts is a public charity dedicated to preventing death for future victims of Sudden Cardiac Arrest through increased awareness, CPR and AED outreach programs.

Reaching millions to save thousands!

Anyone. Anywhere. Anytime... Are YOU ready?


Starting Hearts is a nonprofit corporation providing free CPR & AED education for communities in the state of Colorado, with plans to expand throughout the United States. The organization provides programs specific to a variety of demographics, including schools, the general public, businesses, rural communities, private sector and more. Partnerships will be formed with town councils, school districts, health systems, EMS, community representatives, non-profits, individuals, foundations, and businesses. Starting Hearts' primary goal is to save lives and increase survival rates for victims of Sudden Cardiac Arrest (SCA) through community education. Programs are designed to Starting Hearts aggressive approach encourages individual responsibility and confidence to take action when presented with life-threatening situations in their own communities.

Starting Hearts is an organization that is in direct response to the astonishingly high number of people that unnecessarily lose their lives due to Sudden Cardiac Arrest. The American Heart Association estimates 325,000 American lives are lost each year due to SCA. This is more than those that die from breast cancer, colon cancer, prostate cancer, motor vehicle accidents, AIDS and suicide combined. SCA is the Nation’s leading killer, and it affects every age, race, gender and community of the world. Sudden Cardiac Arrest is reversible in most instances and every person has the potential to save a life when given the proper resources and education. The majority of cases can be reversed and bystanders to an arrest can double or even triple a victim’s chance of survival when willing to administer immediate CPR and defibrillation. High death rates are attributed to a lack of response from those witnessing events. People are not willing to respond because they feel they do not possess the confidence or knowledge for a sufficient response.

Starting Hearts programs provide the knowledge and skills necessary to respond when a cardiac emergency is present. Programs will focus primarily on the youth and general public. School age children are extremely crucial because they will retain these skills throughout life and have the capability to help someone in their own home. The general public is particularly important because of the nationally low survival rates and overall lack of knowledge pertaining to heart disease. The focus is slightly different for varying groups but the goal remains the same; empower people to act as first responders and save the lives of those in their community.

Starting Hearts outreach programs will encourage individuals to participate in educational sessions, demonstrations and hands-on skills practice to strengthen their understanding of heart disease and improve one's confidence in the response process. Starting Hearts’ programs will address our society’s current roadblocks for education:time, money, availability and accessibility.

Over time, Starting Hearts hopes to establish a lasting impact that will increase survival rates in communities all over the world.


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