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Mission Statement

Moments of Divine Inspiration

Regardless of the scene that was painted yesterday, with faith and persistence you could create a brighter outcome in today. Do not allow your past mistakes to account for a miserable existence. Be larger than your mistakes, and take new routes when old ones are no longer fulfilling. Stand with your head held high even when you feel like you have hit rock bottom. You only become inferior when you make the decision to fail. When you decide to tell yourself that you do not have it in you to continue. As long as there is an ounce of breath within you, and an additional 24 hours in the next day, your ultimate goal should be to excel and try until you succeed. Break away from the multiple opinions of others, for only you know what is best in your interest. Focus more on elevating throughout life vs. being complacent at the same level.


Here at Opportunities Unlimited Outreach we take pride on changing the world one day at a time. We are aware that although we offer what we can, and challenge the potential of our younger generation, the ultimate decision to excel is based on them. Opportunities Unlimited Outreach is a foundation that prides itself on a creative approach to capture, and challenge the attention of at risk youth.

Your hand in making our mission come true is beyond appreciated.

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