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Mission Statement

Arsis is a non-profit organization, developed and sustained by local youth, dedicated towards building the capacity of young people so that they may effectively address local community needs.


We at Arsis believe: · Young people can be actively involved to solve the problems of their own community. · Young people contain inherent enthusiasm, ability, and creativity that when utilized, can positively benefit their own community. · Young people should be encouraged and supported to develop initiatives that address the needs of their own community. · Young people should have the opportunity to discover different cultures and bring back their experiences to enlighten their own community. · Young people should be informed and educated about issues affecting the rest of Europe. Goals: 1. Educating young people about NGO development and sustainability. 2. Introducing young people to the spirit of volunteerism and encouraging their active participation. 3. Encouraging and training young people to develop programs that address community needs. 4. Informing young people about local, national, and international opportunities involving educational, cultural, and civic programs and activities. 5. Promoting and administering international volunteer youth exchange programs. 6. Informing and educating young people about current European issues. Background: Established in 1994, ARSIS Youth Cultural Association, a non-governmental organization, initially aimed to provide young art students with a forum where they could foster their creative talents and exert a positive cultural dynamic within Suceava. After continuous community involvement over the years, we discovered that the inherent enthusiasm and creative energy of young people was an invaluable resource that could be utilized to effectively address local social needs as well. Given that democracy is still a relatively new and developing concept in Romania, we felt that it was important to instill within local youth the spirit of NGO activity and community volunteerism, and relate how they are essential components of a healthy democratic society. As we have discovered through are activities and experiences in recent years, youth are more inclined to dedicate their time and efforts to NGOs created by youth and pursuant of their interests. Nowadays, ARSIS constitutes the basis of an energetic and solid group of dedicated young people who are eager to solve pressing community needs, to learn and share experiences with diverse partner organizations, and to participate in the greater objective of solidifying youth participation within Romania and abroad. As such, ARSIS currently develops strategies concerned with five major youth program areas: · YOUTH CULTURE · YOUTH INFORMATION · HUMANITARIAN WORK · VOLUNTARY SERVICE · EUROPEAN YOUTH CO-OPERATION The Cultural Department aims to create activities where young artist have the opportunity to develop talents and create a forum where their work can be enjoyed by the local community. Program activities including administering creative workshops, creative camps, fine art exhibitions, theatre productions, and concerts. The Youth Information Department is responsible for the permanent project INFOcenter - The Information, Training and Counseling youth Center, in partnership with The Directorate for Youth and Sports Suceava. INFOcenter is a part of INFOTIN, The Romanian National Youth Information Network and member of The Romanian National Federation of the Youth Information Centers. INFOcenter promotes educational, cultural and social activities for young people, conducts periodic trainings in relation to NGO development and sustainability and encourages and supports youth participation and association at local level. The Social Department develops alternative education and social integration programs at The Pulmonary Preventing Center of Orphan Children - Vama. Activities include summer camps, creative workshops, and exhibits with the children's artwork, interior decoration, and special activities for Christmas and Easter celebrations. The Volunteer Department was developed by ARSIS YCA in 1999, and has since become an important sending and hosting organization through the European Voluntary Service Program, initiating a number of international volunteer programs in both Suceava and abroad. Also within this field, ARSIS is in the process of developing a new volunteer center in Suceava. This center will help local NGOs determine how they can effectively utilize volunteers, administer relevant trainings for the volunteers relating to the needs of local NGOs and allocate interested volunteers to the NGOs and to special community events. The Youth European Co-operation Department was established by Arsis in 1997 and to date, we have participated in a total of seven youth exchanges with partner countries including Spain, Hungary, Czech Republic, Martinique, the Republic of Moldavia, Ireland, France, Bulgaria, Poland and Italy. The purpose of the exchange programs are to provide young Romanian participants with the opportunity to discover different European realities, to learn diverse methodologies and skills from fellow European youth organizations and to bring back their new found experiences and perceptions and utilize them for the enlightenment of local community activity.



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