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Mission Statement

DaOne Inc. realizes that our educational, sports and entertainment programs offer benefits that go far beyond mental, spiritual, and physical fitness. Therefore, our program maximizes the power of people to advocate for a healthier person and community, and are designed to inculcate well being, enthusiasm, and organizational skills with a spotlight on health, self esteem, conflict resolution, and proper skills development in fundamental areas that address the whole individual, while creating a healthy competitive team dynamic and fostering an enjoyment and understanding of sports and entertainment.

The mission of DaOne Inc. is to prepare a diverse population of disadvantaged youth in South Los Angeles and other urban areas and across the nation a gateway to a variety of major entertainment, including education, sports, stage, television, music, recording, commercials, movies, and opportunities that will enhance and raise their self-esteem, health, and overall individual wellness while continuing to foster an idea of collaborative team and competitive spirit.


DaOne Inc. works with individuals, families, and the community as a whole to gain understanding of a collaborative effort and the concept of teamwork. Educate on sportsmanship and healthy living, and how to treat others with respect while utilizing humility as a beacon for continued growth and success. Develop leadership skills, while implementing social accountability. Educate on the concept of success vs. failure and about the demand for dedication and consistency within the freedoms of achieving success. Foster human development by addressing the whole person and those who surround them. Encourage personal growth and enhancement, and provides opportunity for creative expression.

Program Support and Resources

Internships: Collaborative partners and other networking resources provide opportunities for students to spend time, paid or unpaid, in real world business environments, allowing students to get hands-on experience in their field of interest.

Job Shadowing: Students can tour a company’s facility, or shadow an employee to get real a real taste of the industry.

Mentorships: Empowering at-risk youth in our community to make positive life choices that enable them to maximize their personal potential. Provides students with excellent support and a sense of value from reputable mentors, who can offer one-on-one time with students for a more in-depth look at a given industry. Specifically career focused relationships for a more experienced view of life and the choices that are offered.

Drug Education & Awareness: Provides educational and counseling services for any who have been exposed to the effects of Drugs and Alcohol, with a consistent focus on dealing with resolve and family dynamics that create a more wholesome environment for the individual, family, and community as a whole.

Speaking Opportunities: Industry speakers are invited to speak with students about their own experiences in their field of choice.

Education is of the utmost importance at DaOne Inc., our mission is to provide access and empowerment to promising and underprivileged youth and engage in transformative experiences that release their potential and ignite endless possibilities. Our program was established to address the dire need for financial assistance including but not limited to:

Self Esteem & Self Empowerment Program: Educating our youth on their quality, and assisting in empowering them to continue to think highly of accomplishment, while humbly accepting their own accountability. Through workshops, and other activities that correlate with other components of our program.

Drugs and Alcohol Awareness Program: Educating our youth through workshops and speaking events on the pitfalls of using alcohol and other drugs, and given counseling and other referrals to help deal with any forms of substance abuse that may exist, while giving them an opportunity to play a part in helping others through there on outreach work.

Gang Intervention and De-Classification Program: Educate and assist our youth in dealing with any affiliation to gangs, and the necessary steps to de-classify oneself and respond to their own individual social responsibilities, while holding them accountable for doing the work.

HIV/AIDS Education and Awareness: Instructing our youth on making good decisions, emphasizing abstinence, however teaching about the pitfalls of STD’s and other communicable diseases.




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