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To educate impoverished children--activating their highest potential--and educate global citizens, through real life experiences, about the realities of impoverished communities, the value of other cultures, and the many responsibilities of running an international NGO. *Children always come first. We exist first and foremost to meet the needs of the children we serve. *Education empowers. We believe that education unlocks the door to greater potential and empowers people to make good decisions that lead to a brighter future for all of humankind. *Honesty is the only policy. Authenticity, sincerity, and transparency are not only paramount, they’re non-negotiable. *Celebrate differences. There’s a reason we see differently, our differences are not a liability, they are our strength.


The International Humanity Foundation (IHF) is an international non-religious, non-political, and nonprofit organisation that provides education and safe Children's Homes to impoverished children in Indonesia, Kenya, and Thailand through our five (5) IHF Centers.

We function entirely through the efforts of volunteers, sponsors, donors, and an Executive Leadership team from all over the world.

Our Vision:

To develop global leaders with cross-cultural experiences, and respect for different cultures, from differing socioeconomic backgrounds, who are equipped to make decisions that serve and positively impact, promote, and protect the dignity and humanity of people everywhere.


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by Ilya Katrinnada B. (August 13, 2015)
I am Ilya Katrinnada from Singapore and I am a student at Yale-NUS College. Over the summer, I interned at the IHF Banda Aceh center in Indonesia as a work-study volunteer. My experience taught me so much. Both my online international tasks and my at-center local work gave me a deeper understanding of the intricacies of running an international NGO. The opportunity given to me to teach taekwondo to the younger kids also taught me the art of winning a child's heart - that is to play his game. Most importantly, I learnt the value of community. There was a strong sense of community in Aceh, and this was portrayed every day when kids and volunteers from various ages and backgrounds walked through IHF’s gates. We taught each other, learnt from one another and always had a good time together. To me, IHF was more than just a center – it was indeed a family. And the moment you decide to join us, you will immediately be welcomed with open arms.
by Ashley B. (August 3, 2015)
I am a rising senior at a college in New York, United States, who is nearly finishing her volunteering time for the International Humanity Foundation in Bali, Indonesia. At school, I am studying politics, with an international focus so traveling experiences are a huge supplement to my education. I decided to volunteer for IHF to learn more about the running of NGOs, live in a different part of the world, and contribute my time to the betterment of others. IHF is an international NGO that has education centers (Indonesia) and children homes (Thailand, Kenya) where people can volunteer and donate money towards improving the lives of young ones in need. The IHF Bali location hosts activities and supplemental English, math and computer classes for locals in the neighboring areas. As a volunteer, I am awarded the opportunity to help teach these classes and host activities to have fun with the kids. It has been an enjoyable experience to interact with so many sweet kids.
by Lhamo S. from GB (June 26, 2015)
This organization has given me a whole new chance to get to know people from different countries with different backgrounds. I have learnt a lot just from teaching the kids at the center. If I ever get the chance to do it again I would be more than thrilled to do it
by Clara L. (June 2, 2015)
My name is Clara Lo, and I am currently an accounting major from Queen’s University in Canada. It was through my university’s job board that I found out about the International Humanity Foundation (IHF), and I am so glad I applied to be a part of this organization. I volunteer at the Bali Center for IHF, and this center offers English, math and computer classes to students of all ages and castes. At the center, I spend my mornings doing online work for IHF, my afternoons preparing and teaching English and computer classes, and my nights with my fellow volunteers and the locals from the village nearby. Together, there is a deep sense of community here such that I have never experienced before in my life. I came here with no expectations of being a part of such a community, as I simply just wanted the experience of working for a NGO. However, I am so glad my experiences have been so much more than that, and I can sincerely say I found happiness in volunteering for IHF.
by Beatrix S. from NZ (May 10, 2015)
My name is Beatrix, I am currently volunteering at IHF's Chiang Rai Center. This center has a great potential to expand and I hope someday IHF Chiang Rai can reach out to other children. The children here are so full of life. They have such a bright futures ahead of them thanks to IHF. It saddens my heart to think what their lives would be like without IHF. I can just picture these beautiful faces with tears in their eyes because they don't have a choice but to work in horrible conditions. When I think about this, one word struck my heart. Trafficking. Trafficking is such a huge part of Thailand now and it makes my blood boil to think these children, MY children can be trafficked. But I know that IHF have played such an important role in their lives. IHF have given these children the opportunity to escape these horrible cycles and give them a better future.
by Evgenia K. (May 5, 2015)
VOLUNTEERING IN IHF MEDAN CENTER Having travelled in East and Southern Asia before, I knew Indonesia was somewhere I wanted to get to know more. And I believe you can only really get to know anywhere properly by living there for some time. So Medan it was. My role at the Center was “Work- study volunteer”. In fact, I did anything and everything that could be useful. My tasks have ranged from making videos, fundraising, and posting advertisments, to teaching the kids and making art and craft classes. The experience I have gained has been phenomenal and the exposure to the donor community has been more than I could have hoped for. It’s been a marvelous experience! I am leaving next week, and it is definitely emotional. I have made some incredible friends– both at work and outside of the center. I will miss going for nasi goreng with my co-directors, Lissa, Sahat, Zoe and Ad
by Carlos F. from AU (April 10, 2015)
After a long hard journey of 24 hours , I came to Bali night. Agus was waiting me at the airport , in the car we were talking about Bali. I was really looking forward to IHF, there were all volunteers, some were eating and others were going to sleep. I also went to sleep . The next day, I woke how I met the middle classes, children ... the center is amazing, very nice and very large, I feel very comfortable here, with pool too. The kids are great, they are eager to learn and they are very funny, they always ask me things about my country, my family... I really like the culture of Bali, the lifestyle of the people , especially how everyone is respected and climate , of course I still have four months here, I hope enjoy here like these early days.
by Vijay I. (December 25, 2014)
My Name is Vijay and I was an IT Professional. Now I am changing my career to Teaching English after completing the TESOL Course. After having completed the TESOL Course in Bali, Indonesia, I was privileged to spend a month of quality time at IHF, Bali among the children and volunteer's of IHF. I had the opportunity to be an hands-on English Teacher for Young Learners and Teenagers from the age of 8 to 16. It was very educational, and I learned alot of teaching knowledge from the time I spent here. Mainly, the different ways the Kids interact and the enthusiasm for learning. There is so much satisfaction teaching kids and nothing can surpass the joy of helping others. Its great volunteering at IHF, Bali. I was really touched by the kindness of the kids, and I also had a chance to give back to the community in a meaningful way. Wish you all a very Happy New Year 2015. Best Wishes Vijay
by shylie r. from AU (December 8, 2014)
In signing up to be a Work-Study volunteer at the International Humanity Foundation, I was unsure as to what I should expect from the experience. On arrival, the first thing I noticed was how beautiful the center is. Beautiful flowers and trees surround both the main house and the smaller house where we sleep. Everything is made from bamboo and wood and the garden is so well maintained. However, after meeting the children, I was no longer so pre-occupied with my surroundings. Getting to know the kids and the ways in which they learn and study has been the most difficult yet challenging part of this whole experience. The kids here don’t learn the way I learnt at school in Australia and getting used to that is a big part of this whole experience. The most rewarding aspect of my time at IHF is knowing that these kids leave the center every day having learnt something new that you have taught them. Sadly, I wish I had more time but it’s great to know that I will be welcomed back.
by Max T. (December 1, 2014)
I'm a graduate student from China, I wanna a break after I finish- ed the research report this term, that's the why I decide to be a- n international volunteer. I can say that IHF(International Human- ity Foundation) is not hard to find on DOUBAN website, which is v- ery famous website in Chinese youth people. But please understan- d that IHF Bali Center is not the land of dream, we are volunteer- s here and the weather is really hot. Talk about those Balinese c- hildren, they really need a lot of help with education, some kids-  are smart, cute and shy, I really adore them~ We have classes ev- ery afternoon expect for Sunday, English classes on Monday, Tuesd- ay, Thursday and Friday, Wednesday is computer class and Saturday-  is special class.Some little kids can’t understand Eglish a lot,-  and we learned a little Indonesian which is fun. Apa kabar? (How-  are you today?) All of the local people I met are really hospita- ble and sweet.
by Kerri M. (November 3, 2014)
My name is Kerri. I am currently a volunteer at the Bali IHF center. To an outsider, the center provides supplemental English, Math and Computer classes to children who live in the area. To anyone who knows a bit about IHF or who comes here, knows that it offers so much more than that. The center is a place for the kids. On any given day there are children running around, playing cards, talking with the teachers or just hanging out. The center gives them a safe place to go and provides them with opportunities and resources that most of them would have never had without the IHF. At the IHF – the children are the number one priority. I’ve learned that you can do a whole lot with a little and that sometimes it’s the smallest things – like taking the time to have a conversation about the latest Indonesian pop song – that mean the most. So far, my experience has been extremely fulfilling. It’s great volunteering with an organization where you actually feel like you are making a difference.
by jing j. (October 25, 2014)
My name is Jing from Beijing and I’ve been working here at IHF Bali center for 3 weeks now. Before coming here, I had worked as an English teacher at a secondary school for 3 years, and the experience helped me quickly blend into the work vibe at IHF Bali, especially when it comes to working with the young. Here at IHF Bali, we offer supplementary classes to underprivileged students from primary to senior high school. Almost all the courses are taught by helpful volunteers from all over the world. Apart from the knowledge we try to share, it’s also the abundant care, love and joy we bring that the kids cherish dearly. One would be naïve to think that we are here only to give and teach. The fact, however, is we ourselves are undergoing a process of self-reflection and transformation. By spending time with the local, getting to know the culture and trying to see things both through their lenses and ours, we are learning, day by day, and gaining understandings about a once unfamiliar
by Elisabeth T. (October 2, 2014)
So far all my experiences have helped me grow mentally, and to understand this completely different culture. Already now, that my third week is over, I think about how sad that it is that I only stay here for two months. I wish I could be here for longer, trying to have a bigger impact in the lives of those children, showing them how much potential they have and how they can use it, giving them the love they deserve, giving them an idea what life is all about, how important education is… I could go on with this list. I really think they are great children and I am happy to see that there are people from all over the world, willing to give them their time and influencing and teaching them, everyone in their very own way.
by ESTHER M. (September 22, 2014)
My name is Esther Manzanera and I am a Work-Study Volunteer in IHF Bali. I used to work as a journalist in Spain when I decided to change my life. I quited my job and spent my saved money on a flight ticket to come to Bali and help the children in the center. The center is amazing, really beautiful in a small village by the sea, and what we mainly do is apporting suplementary school to balinese kids that sometimes don´t have a lot of money to pay for the high fees of regular education. We teach the children english, computer, and math classes, counting with around 200 students registered. Enjoying every day the strengh of the children, their grateful smiles and their enthusiasm for life is the most beautiful thing I could have ever dreamed with.
by Edmundos N. from AU (August 28, 2014)
I stayed at IHF for one month in Medan. I had a great time playing with the children at the centers and teaching them English. One of my highlights was doing some new student recruitment where we had to walk through the streets and hand out fliers. The children in the community were very excited to see foreigners and wanted to talk with us. People in Medan are very friendly and will often talk to me when I am walking around. It is a great cultural learning experience talking to people and if you want to learn Indonesian there are ample opportunities. The center accommodation was better than I expected for a developing country, but it was often a bit dirty. People in Medan have basic necessities and other things such as mobile phones. The country is advancing very rapidly. It is interesting to observe this.
by Rong F. (August 27, 2014)
Jakarta center locates in the east part of the city, it offers the local children (from SD1 to SMP) English, math, Aflatoun and computer classes on weekdays and Saturday. As a work study volunteer in Jakarta center, I am responsible of teaching activities such as English and art classes and undertaking international assignments from four different teams in IHF. My initial purpose of volunteering is quite straightforward?to help those in need, but gradually I find that in the process of voluntary work, what I have learned is no less than what I have taught. Thus, being a volunteer connects me with the unprecedented life and experiences I cannot even imagine before. What I have gained from this work study volunteer experience is learn how to swiftly accommodate myself to a new environment and people from various culture and background, and the most important, how a grassroots NGO as IHF, operates to realize its commitment to children in need.
by Lun H. (August 25, 2014)
Here comes the third week. I am supposed to be in Medan center for four weeks. Since half of my journey has already passed, I’d like to talk about my experience here. I’m an ordinary girl from China, who is looking forward to having a different experience. I like to meet new friends from different countries and like to communicate with children since normally you’ll learn innocence from them. Here, I started to get used to say morning to everyone when I get up. Here, I started to forget about all the social networking services and started to sense the bright sunshine from the beginning of each day. Here, I made lots of friends including the children, volunteers, house-keeper, and co-director. Here, I am exposed to different culture and learned different styles of the buildings. I teach classes here and do some postings to advertise this organization. I play games with children, sing songs and watch them dance. I’ll miss everyone and everything here I guess when I left.
by Huizhong L. (August 21, 2014)
I am Luo Huizhong who is a volunteer working in the Bali center for IHF right now. I am a Grade 1 student from the University of Nottingham Ningbo China and i noticed IHF during the second semester. I really want to be a volunteer to help kids all over the world after my friends recommended. I think being a international volunteer is very good to gain colorful teenage life and it is a extremely meaningful work for me and kids. As a result, i am working in Bali and International Humanity Foundation is a good organization as the information online.We have our meals cooked by a local nice lady and the food is good. Sometimes teaching SD students is a little hard but it is also good experience as well. While junior and senior students behave well during the classes. When it comes to Saturdays, we have some interesting special project, such as, making bracelets, paper cut and cleaning the center. Sometimes we play with children in their spare time. For example, we just organized a small p
by Doris X. (August 11, 2014)
I’m a college student from China. I have been volunteering with IHF from 7.22-8-19. Where I have been staying is a town called Banda Aceh in Indonesia. IHF Aceh Center is a wonderful home for volunteers from all over the world. Here, we live, teach, work and have fun together. Usually in the morning, we do some housework, also some online tasks since I’m a work-study volunteer. In the afternoon, students of SD1 to SMP will come to the center to attend different classes. Although it takes efforts to communicate with the students, their eager for learning is really a delight for all of us. It’s so much fun to teach them as well as play with them. From my volunteering experience with IHF, what I treasured most is the friendship with all the local volunteers, who are always helpful and friendly to us. With every talk, we learn a little more about each other’s culture and I feel more close to the local life here in Indonesia. This volunteering experience has become part of who I am.
by Annbiny X. (August 1, 2014)
Before arriving in Medan Indonesia, I had made the worst preparations about the life here, though. After the orientation given by the director, I still got shocked. Many things are just far beyond expectations, much worse, if I have to say. What all I thought the first night after reaching here, was that how could I spend 6 weeks living here? But until now I have been here for more than 3 weeks, I love this city and I love my life here. I have never experienced such a wonderful time before. What’s more, in Indonesia I can always get a lot of surprise: people passing by always try to say hello and smile to you; you can pick mango, lemon…if you want, from the trees alongside the street; students and their parents in the center always invite you to their houses and invite you to attend their family gathering. Oh, yea~ this Sunday, one of the former local volunteering teacher is going to get married, and all the volunteers are invited to attend her wedding ceremony. I am so excited. I e
by Leonardo D. (July 29, 2014)
While I was thinking about applying for a volunteer experience with International Humanity Foundation, I went through a YouTube video about IHF, and in one of the comments there was written: “Don’t hesitate to apply”. I’m now nearly at the end of my experience with IHF here in Banda Aceh, Indonesia, and would really like to thank the guy who wrote that comment, because it made me more confident about applying. So now I want to give the same advice to whoever is reading: if you’re staring at this testimonial now, trying to figure out whether it is a good choice leaving your country and spend two weeks, one month or more, volunteering in one of IHF’s centers: stop thinking! Don’t hesitate anymore and send the application form! Volunteering with IHF is an absolutely unique and incredibly enriching experience. You will have the possibility to pass your knowledge to students, who are extremely eager to learn, but also to get to know a different culture in a deep way.
by Yanyi H. from CN (July 23, 2014)
My name is Yanyi and I’m from Shanghai, China. I’m currently spending 4 weeks in total at IHF Jakarta center. My main local task is to teach English to first to fourth grade. Since teaching small children can be very hard for beginners like me, the staff here has been incredibly helpful. And when you see the children giving their efforts to learn and making progress, it’d be eventually worth it. Plus, the children are really cute :) I first came to Jakarta partly because I wanted to see Indonesia’s culture and local life, which would be new and exciting for me. But now I’m here, the more impressive thing I’ve found is how warm the people in Jakarta are, even though it’s such a big city. I have learned a lot from my colleagues, students as well as the local people and I’m just glad that I made the choice to come here.
by Erying Z. (July 22, 2014)
I’m Kelly and I’m a volunteer from China. I choose to come here because I like to stay with children and make friends with others and I really look forward to experience different culture. I’ve been here for 2 weeks and I love Banda Aceh and our center very much. Aceh center is very lovely with 2 warm-hearted directors. On week days, we have storytelling class, Mandarin class, Italian class and music class aimed at different ages and levels of students. I teach kids who are under 10 years old Mandarin and they are active and focused, which makes me delighted and feel that everything rewards. Every time I teach, I feel a sense of achievement and I’m really happy to see kids like to have Mandarin classes. At free time, we make flashcards, gardening and even make a trash bin. And at day off, directors and local volunteers take us to a nearby beach and coffee shop for relax. Banda Aceh is very beautiful and people here are very friendly. I think it’s a very precious chance to be here teach
by Lingna C. (July 22, 2014)
I’m Lingna Chen, a student from The University of Nottingham Ningbo, China. I’m also a work-study volunteer at Aceh center. At this center, we teach lovely children and teenagers who desire knowledge. At our spare time, we also go out for fundraising with local volunteers. As a Mandarin teacher, I teach the younger most basic but useful sentences. I also enjoy the story telling class and the singing class. Meanwhile, I make a lot of friends all over the world. I’m very glad to be an IHF volunteer because I have gained what I really want. I chose it for helping others as well as challenging myself. During this teaching period, I think I’m more patient and creative. Also I’ve broadened my eyes and thought more about equity and efficiency. I’ll try my best to help others!
by Qihui Z. (July 16, 2014)
My name is Qihui ZHENG. I just finished my sophomore year. I am now at the International Humanity Foundation's Banda Aceh Center. I am eager to teaching kids and knowing more about the people around here. Though I just came here for about 10 days and get annoyed by the mosquitos, I have already been impressed by the kids who are so excited about new knowledge and local volunteers who are very friendly and sincere. Sometimes, we would hang out together; they are very enthusiastic about local food and places with good views. We had a lot of fun. As for recruitment task for centre on field along with local volunteers after the school year, we visited the neighbourhood by motor bike and walk. The scenery around is actually stunning. People around are really friendly even if we are strangers to them. I will leave at 27th July, but for a moment, a-month-stay seems to be too short for me.
by Mary Stuart W. (July 12, 2014)
My name is Mary Stuart Wannamaker. I am a 22 year old from Charlotte, NC who lives in Madrid, Spain studying international relations, political science and foreign languages for my Bachelor’s degree. Yet, this summer, I am happily living in Nakuru, Kenya with the International Humanity Foundation family as a Work-Study Volunteer for 2 months (just shy of 9 weeks). Knowing that I am interested in a career goal concerning international development, human rights, and NGO organizations, when I heard back from IHF Kenya, it was an opportunity I could not pass as a summer internship. Upon my arrival to Nakuru, I was loved and greeted by many kids home from school on a Sunday and a handful of my co-workers. It was a great start to what is a great summer – or should I say winter as I am now in the Southern Hemisphere? I know already, that IHF Kenya is not only allowing me to love and learn from the Kenyan children and community, but it is also shaping me for great work in the future.
by Amy Q. (June 27, 2014)
IHF is a non-profit organization which devoted to children’s education and I am a work-study volunteer in IHF Banda Aceh Center. Before this trip, I was working in an automobile company and had a part time job as a drawing teacher in Shanghai, and I will go further study in this fall, so this volunteer trip is like my “gap month”. Right before my trip, I received letters from Kachi and Kopus, two children I sponsored in IHF Kenya center, and this made me even more excited about this one-month journey. The life in the center is simple and happy. I teach one or two classes and do some online posting everyday. Sunday is our rest day, so I always explore Aceh with the other volunteers. I am having a great time here.
by Guiqin H. (June 27, 2014)
I’m a college student from China, have been stayed in Jakarta centre for 23 days, just left a week to leave this wonderful place. It’s a really impressive experience for me. The first reason I came here is want to help the local children. But they conversely teach me a lot. The longer time I stay with them, the more I can find how lovely and warm of them. At the centre, I taught SD3/4 students. The boys in SD3 are sooo naughty but smart, I should always say “Duduk” (means ‘sit down’). For the SD4 students, I love them very much!! When they finish the homework, they will call you see it. The crazy thing is they almost finished it at the sometime, you could hear everyone called “Miss” and you didn't know who was the first, ha-ha! The exciting news is that all of them have a great grade in the final exam, and enjoy the “pass it on” ceremony!! Certainly, the directors in centre are all nice, they helped me a lot. One of direcyors- Ayu, recommended the so many snacks near the centre, r
by Nora S. (June 21, 2014)
My name is Nora Shepard, and I'm from Chicago, IL. I've just finished my sophomore year at the University of Michigan and now I'm at the International Humanity Foundation's children's home in Nakuru, Kenya. We provide shelter and care to 68 children aged 8-18. I came to the center because my only two passions in life are kids and traveling. On top of that, I'm studying medicine in college and I've had an itch for Africa since I was nine. The medical intern position here seemed as though it was made for me. I've learned a lot in the few short weeks I've been here so far. I'm learning patience, responsibility, and the importance of forming relationships. Most importantly, I think, I'm learning the long-term aspect of volunteering. Any type of volunteering is wonderful, and a day or a week of volunteering obviously helps. But the type of volunteering that really makes an impact, the type that leaves a lasting impression on the world - that takes a long time and hard work. I'm excit
by murni l. (May 19, 2014)
Many people make list of resolution to complete as New Year approaches. As for me, this year, I decided to incite the volunteerism in me. Having living as expatriate in other country for seven years, I thought it would be the right time to go back home, Indonesia to make contribution to my countrymen. In this place, where education only belongs to the privilege few, it’s amazing to have NGO like IHF which gather people from all over the world for an eye-opening experience. I teach English and Computer class in Bali Centre, play with the children, do project on Saturdays, build friendship with fellow volunteers, learn how IHF operates and travel the whole Bali Island. While it may seem that I have given out a lot, but as a matter of fact, I received much more. At the end of the day, you realize that not only you have made a difference in their lives, but also the other way around, they have helped you to grow as a person. I can’t wait to come back for many more great adventure with IHF!
by Jianwei X. from AU (April 22, 2014)
I,a university-girl from China,19 years old,have stayed IHF Bali for 3 weeks,and will stay 1 more week here.I really enjoyed it.It’s like a big family here,warm and comfortable. Everyday I woke up in the morning I was full of energy,course there were many lovely children who were waiting for me to bring them more knowledge,they laughed all time,so I was happy to do everything and worth to do everything.And the people here,they are so nice.They helped me a lot,when I was worried about class,when I felt lonely,etc,just like I was at home.I love them so much. I am leaving here after I finish next week,I am so glad to have such a good experience in my university-life.I learned a lot from them,such as team work,taking care with every detail.And the most important,the guys are my good friends now,I will cherish this friendship between us.I will miss them,I will miss all things here.Maybe I will go to Bali again,I will come back to see my friend to see all children here.
by Yu W. (March 26, 2014)
Being a volunteer teacher was what I wanted to do for a long time. Now the dream came true. When I knew IHF had educational centers in Jakarta and Bali, I applied to be a volunteer without hesitation. I arrived at Jakarta center on March 3, and began to teach Chinese for the junior high school students in the first week. In the following two weeks, I also taught English for the younger children from age 6 to 12. It was more difficult for us teachers to teach young children because we also needed to maintain discipline in the classroom. The goal of education was guiding children to study, think and explore. It's more important for children to learn something in IHF because of their limited learning resources and poor conditions. I felt fulfilled when the kids acquired English vocabulary, grammar and pronunciation that I taught. Hanging out with them on Sunday made me excited. I would miss the students and the co-directors after leaving Jakarta at the end of March.
by Dominika P. (February 25, 2014)
Graduation in public administration – work as office and marketing manager in private company –leaving the comfort of carefree life – start as volunteer in NGO. That is the shortened version of the story: How I got from SLOVAKIA to BALI, where I became member of International Humanity Foundation family. It has been already three weeks since I came to the IHF center but I cannot avoid feeling like it is my first week here. Every day brings something new. As a part of the center I never get bored or left out from the happening. Apart from fulfilling the everyday online tasks I can express my creativity while teaching or participating on the special projects for our children! Some days are exhausting but smiling children, helpful volunteers around and beautiful surrounding can recharge me every time. And I hope 4 months here will be enough to make several green projects to “Keep Bali clean”!
by Ivy p. (October 2, 2014)
This is the second time I come to Bali center, I never thought about that I will come back. But now I’m here. I’ll stay Bali center for 5 months at this time. I’m very glad that many children know me by name. I also remember these children: Icha, Goga, Putu, Meri, Melinda……I miss them very much. And I also happy I can see Hanna and Gregor again, I adapted to the center’s life soon in Hanna’s help. Everything of center gets in order. The children have some change happening, Some kids are very quiet, some kids are very lively, but they are not shy any more. Now I’d taken the class for four weeks. I really hope that my time don’t walk so fast. I teach SD1 to SD5, although the course is easy, but also it’s not lightly in class. I will ask students to repeat the word after me. Especially for the sd1 SD1’s kids can’t speak any English I teach them simple word, and teach them to read again and again. Sometimes I pointed to a book, table, desk or eye, nose, hair, let them to spea
by Doria j. (February 10, 2014)
How time flies.I have been IHF Bali Center for three weeks. Our main work is having English class,computer class and doing some posting ,writing blog,fundraising work.The classes are interesting and the kids here are so cute.Talking about working,sometimes we are in a state of depression because we can not find a new website to post our ads. But when we make it,it is so excited.Indeed,it is a effective way to call on more and more people to join us.Take me for example,I came to IHF Bali center just after I saw the posting which is on a Chinese website.So I really hope the other volunteers will come here because of my posting work. Our volunteers are from different countries but we get along like a family.I was not very well three days ago.All of volunteers were very concerned about me.My director gave pills to me that made me feel very warm,and it relieved my homesickness too. Although I have considered working in NGO before,it is really hard to hold on after I experience it.It
by chunguangng r. (February 6, 2014)
I have been working here for two weeks,not only teach children English and computer but also do some posting and charity work.Although volunteer come from all over the world,we still happy to work together.Our job is not very difficult ,in addition to the class , we will also accompany children play games ,such as playing football ,swimming in the sea ,teaching them do some artifact by themselves We do not stay here for a long time ,bue have established a deep feeling whit every child ,every time some volunteer have to leave ,children always have a tearful farewell to them. what touches me the most is that one day , I asked them to write their dreams .Most of children dream to go to hotel as a waiter .It hard to say this is not a good dream. I hope they can have more independent ideal to do some things they really want to do ,and have a brighter future!
by Melody S. (February 2, 2014)
I've come to volunteer for the IHF in the Chiang Rai, Thailand center from California. At home I`m a preschool teacher but I wanted the opportunity to work more with children in different places around the world. The Chiang Rai center is for children from the hill tribes of northern Thailand and has 11 children right now, ages 10-18. The younger children enjoy all sorts of games and activities, and I am helping some of the older children learn better English through twice a week classes. The children were shy at first but now many of them are playing and joking around with me. There's lots of music and laughter at the center, some yelling too. My work at the center involves local tasks, like cooking and cleaning, and international tasks, which online. The work can be boring, stressful, and frustrating but it can also be fun and interesting. I wish there was someone who spoke Thai. It`s hard communicating with the children and community but the people I meet are nice and understanding.
by Julia D. (January 28, 2014)
Hello, I am Julia; I come from France. I am just graduated from an engineering school in agriculture and food industry. After five years of studying, I didn?t feel I wanted to start working right away ,and as I had always wanted to volunteer I just decided to give it a try! I found International Humanity Foundation (IHF) on internet and send my application. Few days later I was about to volunteer in Banda Aceh center in Indonesia. Banda Aceh center is at the extreme north of Sumatra Island, it welcomes students from 7 to 18 years old to teach them English, maths and computer classes. The younger ones are so lovely but can also be silly, as any child in the world. I have been teaching English those past days, it can be difficult and some communication problems can occur as long as English is not my mother tongue and my Indonesian is not really good yet! Anyway, a lot of projects are on here: vegetable garden, wall fresco, fundraising, art craft class and I am glad to be part of it
by Jennifer L. from GB (October 2, 2013)
Volunteering at IHF Bali has been everything I thought and hoped it would be. The center and the accommodation have a beautiful, rustic and traditional charm which makes me feel like a heroine in a novel pursuing some exotic, bohemian dream. The children are as gorgeous and exuberant as you would imagine Balinese children to be. Some days, when I am doing yoga for example on my balcony overlooking rice fields, I have to pinch myself to believe I am here, fulfilling my aspirations to help those who are less fortunate and in turn get to experience a beautiful, amiable and endearing culture. The work has been a challenge, but a very much welcomed and enjoyable challenge; I think most volunteers would agree. Volunteering abroad for IHF has been the flight and change that I needed to feel like I am experiencing life’s incredible, kaleidoscopic journey; and to have this experience whilst helping those less fortunate is priceless.
by Lange W. (August 28, 2013)
My name is Lange Wei. I’m the work study volunteer in Chiang Rai, Thailand for three weeks, and I very enjoy the time that I stay in here! Children are very friendly, active and creative. Although, the things I did every day are similar like cooking, picking up the children and cleaning, I don’t feel boring. Children always bring something new to you. I have more understandings about life by accompanying with children. We look like a big family. Now, I just have one week left, I think I’ll back to see them some day.
by Kevin F. (August 19, 2013)
It is a quality NGO that wants to do well and cares about the kids it serves
by Rui X. (August 14, 2013)
From a background of economics in college, I chose to come to a Southeast Asian country – Indonesia - to see the difficulty and potential of the economic and social development in one of the poorest places, and Bali in particular because I was interested in the huge economic inequality on an island thriving with tourism and traveler-oriented services - so far, Bali and IHF have delivered most of my expectations. I was deeply touched by the kids' passion for learning and the directors' dedication, and I've learnt the key to development: local. Many NGOs like IHF are great international efforts to relieve poverty and provide education opportunities, nevertheless we all need to realize that the overarching goal of our work is to serve the ‘local’ community, to benefit the ‘locals’, and through a long and hard time to influence the ‘local’ values in a positive way.
by fiona d. (August 1, 2013)
I found IHF online, seeking an opportunity where I could be involved ‘on the ground’ but still gain experience of the internal workings of a grassroots organisation; IHF provided a perfect platform for this. IHF’s Bali center provides supplementary education to Indonesian students in an area otherwise dominated by tourism. Teaching Maths, English and Computing to students up to senior high school, IHF helps to plug the gap that state education creates. As part of a Work-Study placement I spent 4 hours a day doing local tasks such as teaching classes or spending time with students, and 4 hours completing International tasks as part of various IHF teams, including Media and Fundraising. Not only have I gained insight to the o the workings of an NGO from different perspectives, but I have learned a lot from the students; the local village is split into Hindu and Muslim halves, but live together harmoniously. I would recommend volunteering with IHF.
by Xiaochen W. (July 23, 2013)
My name is Wang Xiaochen, a year 3 undergraduate in the University of Nottingham. The center I am work in is located in a peaceful area in Chiang Rai, Thailand. The center is very colorful outside and the people here are pretty nice inside. The work I do here are regular and not hard, and you can do what you want for the center and the children here. When people ask me about the reason I do volunteering, the answer is pretty easy. I just want to do something for the society and try best to value myself. And I also believe that everyone can do little things to make a better world
by Sue C. (July 22, 2013)
My name is Sue, a year one student from University of Nottingham, Ningbo, China. This is my first time to go to Indonesia and be a volunteer in IHF Medan Center. Medan Center is the biggest center of IHF in Indonesia, with more than two hundred students. IHF Center provides free education of English, Math and Computer. I teach English in our Center and have a good relationship with our director, local teachers and students. I choose to become an IHF volunteer because I want to help people. Of course I'm trying to help them now, and I also have the chance to practice my English, to make more friends and to learn to be independent.
by Yasien E. (June 30, 2013)
My name is Yasien, and I am an undergraduate student at Austin College in Texas, USA. This summer I am volunteering with the International Humanity Foundation in the Aceh center located in Banda Aceh, Indonesia. This center is an education facility for children, we hold many classes daily that are free and open to any children in the area. At the center I am in charge of teaching English, Math, and the newly added Arabic class. Each class is held for one hour two times a week from Monday to Saturday between 2 and 6pm. We also teach English and Math in classes in a village outside of Banda Aceh called Blang Krueng. All of our students come to us in the hope that they can be better equipped for their future academic challenges. At IHF Aceh we do our best to ensure that every student is engaged and we work alongside them to master topics they have difficulties with. I love to make use of things I have learned to benefit others, especially children. With IHF’s focus on passing it on
by Evie B. (June 28, 2013)
IHF Thailand is a home for children from the Northern Thailand hill tribes, who have have found themselves in vulnerable situations. It creates a family, support network and provides education to empower the children, alleviating them from marginalisation and poverty. My time at the centre is spent either online - completing work to assist the charity’s efforts, or locally - be this cooking dinner, helping the children with their homework, or mostly, just spending memorable, quality time with the children. Working in Chiang Rai has motivated me to travel in the future. The knowledge and experience I have gained here is invaluable, learning about the IHF through its various mechanisms– fundraising, recruitment and the importance of media for example - I’ve gained an incredible introduction to the NGO sector, something I was relatively unaware of before. The time I’ve spent with the children has proved invaluable, and inspired me to cherish every second of this opportunity.
by Teri B. (June 23, 2013)
Working with IHF in the community has contributed hugely to my professional and educational development. Witnessing the empowerment that comes from education, the realities of poverty, the multifaceted contributors to social marginalization, as well as understanding all factors of international developmental issues (i.e. lack of social systems, lack of infrastructure, social and economic inequality ect.) have given true insight and hands on experience into the issues pertaining to my studies of international relations. Despite how long and tiring some days may be in-center, when I stop and consider all that I have accomplished I realize that my experience with IHF has been valuable beyond words. It has enforced my chosen educational track, and inspired me to pursue a more specific and focused trajectory in my graduate studies. I have grown as an individual and made incredible connections with the children and staff that I have been so honored to work with.
by Madeleine G. from GB (May 16, 2013)
Firstly, a bit of information about where I volunteered: the IHF center in Aceh is primarily an Educational center, although they are currently looking for orphans to live in-center. It holds free English, Maths and Computer lessons six days a week for students from the first year of Junior school to college level. While I was at the center I taught English classes to all ages five days a week as well as helping with things such as recruitment campaigns in local underpriveliged areas and the running of events such as workshops. As the center is small it is a great place for your own ideas and input. Whilst I was there I created a yearly curriculum for all the English classes for the center to use. I also organised putting on a charity fundraising concert which was stressful but really easy in a lot of ways. I had the idea for it on a Mon evening and by the Sat night the concert had started! If you come here I reckon you will have an awesome time and learn a lot.
by Xiaonan S. (February 12, 2013)
This is the third week we came here and it is a good chance to review about what we have done and learned here. As one member of volunteering team, our work is mostly about the advertisements postings on websites. During the time I did the work, I know more about our volunteers and directors of IHF. Every time I was posting, the only wish was that more people can see it so that we can help center get more good volunteers and directors. I believe, there will continually more people come here because helping others is really a happy thing. Although our time here is almost running out of and work is almost finished, I will remember what I learn from here. Volunteering team, I am grateful that can get a chance here to contribute my helping!
by Vicky P. (December 20, 2012)
I have been volunteering at the IHF Bali Centre for one month. Everything is just so interesting to me. The center is located by the seaside and there are two small villages nearby.Although one is a Muslim village and the other one is a Hindu village,all the residents seem to live in harmony.Most of our children come from these two villages.Every time we pass the village or buy something from the stores there,everybody will just try to greet us and speak to us.I found that they really have a simple and yet contented life. The children here are mostly very enthusiastic and active.I have been teaching some classes and I was always encouraged by the children’s laughter.I am trying my best to teach them English and Computer,they always turned up so eager to learn and improve themselves. When I decided to join IHF as a volunteer,I just hoped that I could get some good experience while teaching the children and mixing with them.So far,I really have a fulfilling and enjoyable life here.
by Andreja B. (December 20, 2012)
I have been a volunteer at the IHF center in Chiang Rai for three weeks now and I have enjoyed every minute of it. Most of the kids here are teenagers, so it was a bit of a struggle at the beginning to get their attention, but the more I get to know them, the more I realize how amazing they are. The children live at the center and we spend most of the day with them, we work, play and cook together, so you get to know them really well. IHF is doing some amazing work in helping these children and it is a privilege to work for them.
by Laura k. (November 6, 2011)
I have been interested in South East Asia ever since I was 15 when a young woman I know organised an aid fund raising event. I finish university this year and thought this was the perfect time to volunteer. I applied for a position with the IHF foundation at the Chiang Rai centre commencing next July. I searched extensity for a program that worked with children from northern Thailand that was low costing as I just finished university and did not have a lot of money. The IHF was a great choice, their mission statement and the programs they offered really resonated with me. IHF offers a Work and Study program which provides specific experience in the administration behind running a NGO. I have been with the organisation now for about a month and have nothing but praise for the directors who have made me feel welcome, provided me with all the information I need and are always ready to answer my questions with quick responses to email. I am looking forward to volunteerin
by carol s. (Administrator for this Organization) (October 10, 2011)
I volunteered with IHF in Jakarta for six weeks, and it was so rewarding. To start, the kids are amazing. Living with the family at the orphanage was genuinely stepping into another culture. I was able to learn, firsthand, about poverty, what's causing it, and what effect it has. After recently graduating from my Bachelor of Arts, where I was studying Asian Studies, it was a bit galling to realise how much more I'm learning actually being over here. Not only that, but really participating in the running of an international NGO gave me experience that lets me go on to work with other NGOs and maybe one day start my own! I had an interest in development before, but IHF has given me a passion for it, and the means to pursue it as a career.
by Szilvia M. (April 22, 2010)
It's a very helpful and open- minden organisation, with nice people involved. On line donated hours can be a help as well as on site international work. It's such a fun doing via Internet also , and You vcan meet with very interesting, and kind people. I surely recommend it , and aslo very excited about on site at Centre volunteering with children!
by Claire A. (March 13, 2010)
Before I got on a plane, I was assigned to three international task teams to which I dedicated an hour or two a week. As I got to work, I began to realize what a network of dedicated people are behind IHF. It took a bit of getting used to but I liked that the organization was purely volunteer run - and I was now a part of this!! I was to spend a month at the Chiang Rai Orphanage before I went backpacking through Thailand, it was good grounding for me before I set off on my travels. Meeting the children was wonderful and I enjoyed teaching them English. My international hours became a four hour daily task as well as now having local hours - and I felt it was all worthwhile. It has been an intense and unique experience living in the orphanage and working for IHF, and a brilliant opportunity to really see how a dedicated non profit organization functions. I managed to relax and do a bit of sigh-seeing on my day's off which was lovely - especially a day trek into the jungle where I got to
by Elise B. (January 14, 2010)
IHF is a wonderful organisation! I'm volunteering in Banda Aceh for 2 months at the centre here and the set-up is just amazing: we have English, Computer and Maths classes 6 days a week, the kids that live here permanently go to school during the day and study with me at night, and the house itself is so, so homely - this really is a home and not just a centre or orphanage. IHF is really well organised, too - all volunteers do administrative tasks and we get everything done, for free, so that all the sponsor and donation money really does go to the kids! Thanks for giving me the opportunity IHF!
by Kelly V. from MY (November 22, 2009)
As I have never taught classes before, it definitely presented challenges that I wasn't quite prepared for. It was frustrating at times but overall my 6 months of volunteer teaching English/Maths/Computers was so rewarding, I even came back a second time! Thank you IHF Jakarta! Kelly
by Jovita T. from LT (October 16, 2009)
At the moment I am volunteering at the Jakarta center and I am very happy to be able to share my experience with you about International Humanity Foundation. My daily routine consists of local and international tasks. For local task, I teach different levels of English. I enjoy preparing for my classes and being able to help children to improve their English skills. For International task I have the opportunity to help by trying to get sponsorship, new volunteers, organizing events, etc. Life at the center is very busy and everyday I learn something new about the kids, Indonesian customs, traditions and IHF functions. Thanks to our center directors everything is very organized, disciplined. At the center we live like a big family, we share our daily routine, we organize family meetings, do our daily activities, play various games, do aerobic, on our day off we go sightseeing and enjoy being together. I am very thankful to IHF for this opportunity.
by Titim E. from ID (September 18, 2009)
I was traveling to IHF Indonesia center and IHF Kenya center. I have learned many things and the experience become a treasure for me. I know that this organization has to deal with many issues relate with their project. I admire how Carol (the CEO of this organization) dedicate herself to help unfortunate children. I wish more people will pay attention to help as everyone has responsibility to help all children who needs help. This organization become my own family. I have learned that life is full of joy. There is nothing in riches and luxury that can compare to this. I have learned from Carol’s children that living simple, smiling, and tackling whatever the problem can make us happy and strong. I found that the happiness comes simple. Closing down the Center or stopping to help these helpless children can never be the solution. Doing something positive is infinitely more valuable.
by Claire H. from GB (September 18, 2009)
The International Humanity Foundation truely is a non-profit organisation.I volunteered at their centre in Banda Aceh for 1 month this year,& I can honestly say this was the best & most rewarding experience in my life.The IHF really do operate as a family, and welcome u into their centres with open arms.You really get to see a different side of life,experiencing much more important,life-changing things than we worry about every day in the western world. I never wanted to leave Banda Aceh,& look forward to the day I go back there.I already intend to volunteer at their centre in Kenya next year,& now continue as an at-home volunteer.If you wish to make a difference and really see this difference, then i fully recommend volunteering or donating to this organisation-Since becoming involved with the IHF I am reluctant to give my time or money to anyone else simply because with the IHF i can trust that everything i contribute is going exactly where i want it to go & making a REAL difference
by Corinne P. from AU (September 17, 2009)
I am currently volunteering with the International Humanity Foundation in Bali, Indonesia. I can honestly say it has been the most eye-opening and rewarding experience of my life. Away from the tourist areas, you see the true poverty in which many people of Bali live. For those children and their families living in remote areas where there is little or no infrastructure, IHF provides much needed support. By providing free lessons in English, maths and computer skills IHF makes a real difference to the lives of these children. The centre is a safe and caring environment where the children are happy to come, and they light up our day! It is a joy to see them so eager to learn and it is a pleasure to see them interact with their friends in such a friendly environment. There are certainly challenges involved with volunteering, but if you are not adverse to hard work and you truly want to open your eyes to how most of the world lives, consider dedicating your time and effort to IHF.
by Jovita T. from ES (September 2, 2009)
I am a volunteer of IHF. I would recommend to help and join this organization to everyone. IHF is based on volunteers´ work. That means that every member donates his free time because most of volunteers has got their own jobs. So that means that normaly volunteers can donate 1 or 2 hours per week, sometimes more. But even this small donation moves the organization, because everyone works motivated, because everyone is conscious that his work is for poor CHILDREN´S future. This point is the most important and we are going to continue on this. Thank you for your attention
by Lauren H. (August 30, 2009)
IHF is an amazing organization. I volunteered for them at their centers in Indonesia and I have been a continued supporter and sponsor of classes and children ever since. It is an amazing organization to volunteer for because you can see first hand that all of the money is going directly to those in need, and even more importantly, it is actually helping and doing its job. Everyone working at the centers is doing everything within their power to enrich the lives of the children and help them prepare for their futures. This job is not without obstacles,and I am sure all of their centers have faced many issues, as do most international non-profits. But IHF and its workers ALWAYS puts the children as their #1 priority, I have seen this first hand. I would highly recommend volunteering for them and personally I cannot wait for the opportunity to volunteer for them again.
by Rajvirsinh D. from IN (August 29, 2009)
Dear Friends, My name is Raj and I am a volunteer with International Humanity Foundation. I have been with International Humanity Foundation (IHF) for about 5 months now. I found out about International Humanity Foundation (IHF) when I was searching on internet. IHF is a unique organization in that it runs almost entirely by volunteers. It believes in absolute transparency and functions almost entirely through the efforts of its hundred plus unpaid volunteers from all over the world, who give their time, skills, energy and love to help our family in Kenya, Thailand and Indonesia. I decided to join IHF because I wanted to make a difference and help people. I am glad that I have found a place where I can do that. I would like to invite you to join our Face book cause, so you can get to meet other volunteers of IHF. http://apps.facebook.com/causes/129156/60958837?m=6d54c0aa You can feel free contact me. Warm Regards, Raj (rajvirsinhd@gmail.com)
by Carol S. from San Diego, CA (Administrator for this Organization) (June 4, 2009)
A blog and the above message were posted by former International Humanity Foundation volunteers and, most recently, sent via unsolicited e-mail to our sponsors, donors and volunteers, as a "smear campaign" in an attempt to close down our Center in Nakuru, Kenya. We are greatly disturbed and saddened by this malicious attack on our organization and that they somehow obtained personal and confidential e-mail addresses. Our children in Kenya are absolutely terrified that this small handful of people, that were brought in to help care for them, will succeed in closing down their home, as threatened to them. This is very harmful, mentally, to these children whom are now so afraid of being homeless. We greatly appreciate your support of our programs and hope that we have not lost your trust or confidence in our organization.
by Murat B. from New Haven, CT (August 20, 2009)
We strongly believe in transparency and that everyone involved with IHF has the right to know what exactly is happening at their centers. In summary, the IHF Center in Nakuru, Kenya is not like what is seems to be on the IHF website. The Center has fundamental problems including collecting donations for projects that have been shelved for months, lacking a government license and producing cases of child pregnancy. Please read the letter on www.ihf-volunteers.info. For more information and visual material, you may join our Facebook Group titled "Commentary on the International Humanity Foundation (IHF)" and read the personal blog on www.travelpod.com/members/muratcan. We wish you better luck than what we have had...
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