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To inspire and empower people to reach their full potential and give back by expanding educational, leadership, and service opportunities.


Outreach360 is a registered nonprofit 501(c)(3). We have been providing educational opportunities to students in Latin America and operating international service-learning programs for over 29 years.

Our Virtual Impact Program connects volunteers from across the globe with students throughout Latin America, who attend our after-school Virtual English Academy on a full scholarship. Together, volunteers and students bridge cultures digitally and inspire and empower each other to reach their potential.

Volunteers: Volunteers are at the heart of our organization, which is why we strive to make it easy to get involved and start making a difference immediately! Serve Outreach360 Virtual English Academy students from across Latin America! As a virtual volunteer, you'll be supported 100% of the way. We'll provide you with orientation and training, curriculum and materials, and guidance to maximize your impact. We have opportunities for teenagers, young adults, and professionals to volunteer in different roles in our Virtual English Academy.

You will gain invaluable teaching and leadership skills as well as experience in English as a Foreign Language. Volunteering with English Language Learners in a virtual environment will also help you grow your creativity, adaptability, communication skills, confidence, and comfort working virtually - an increasingly prevalent skillset.


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by Mohamed E. from TR (August 20, 2023)
Being an English Language at Outreach 360 was one among the best experiences that I have ever had. Everything is so organized starting from the application process until being part of this hard working team! I would like to thanks Madam Coco for her patience and help to make be join on board as she was very active, friendly, and professional while contacting me. The students at Outreach360 are very smart, cheerful, lovely, and eager to learn as I was able to built a very good connection with them in order to create a joyful surrounding for studying. and obedient. I can't imagine I had volunteered for 8 months which went so fast! Outreach360 is a great and safe environment for kids to learn and for teachers to teach.
by AJ C. (August 19, 2023)
I absolutely loved my time as a Virtual Volunteer English Teacher with Outreach 360 from May 29th to August 18th. Unsure about my future in teaching, I decided to give it a try, and it turned out to be an amazing experience. The teachers and staff were incredibly supportive and accommodating, and the students were not only eager to learn but also extremely appreciative. Outreach 360 offers a fantastic opportunity for both experienced and new English teachers to make a real impact in the lives of these young learners. It's a rewarding experience that I highly recommend!
by Abby D. (August 16, 2023)
I volunteered with Outreach360 the summer before my senior year of college. I had decided I wanted to apply for a Fulbright grant to teach English abroad, and I wanted to gain some experience with teaching before I applied. This is how I found Outreach360. One of the best parts about getting involved was that no experience is required, and Outreach360 provides training to make sure all the teachers are as successful as possible. My time with Outreach360 allowed me to gain valuable experience and further cemented my desire to teach English. I learned different teaching strategies based on the needs of each kid I worked with. The kids and other teachers in this program are all amazing, and volunteering quickly became my favorite part of the day. I highly recommend getting involved with this amazing organization.
by Carmel S. from ON, CA (August 15, 2023)
It is extremely rare to find a nonprofit that does its job as well as Outreach 360 does. I highly recommend it as a volunteerexperience. I have volunteered for several nonprofits since retiring as a teacher, many in Latin America, many with teaching as a focus. In my experience volunteering I had come to expect a certain amount of chaos, disorganization and amateurish reinvention of the wheel as part of the package. I was pleasantly surprised that this was not at all the case with Outreach 360. From the first day of training (a great rarity) to the last note of appreciation (another rarity) I experienced a superb organization, run with competence, vision, and a great deal of respect for volunteers, staff and students. The onboarding was expertly handled by the talented and capable team of the academic director and the President/CEO. After the orientation we joined our virtual classes five days a week. Outreach 360 has chosen a good curriculum from a credible publisher. My s
by Juliet R. (January 10, 2023)
This organization has been a godsend, providing me with a fulfilling opportunity while giving me the tools required to pursue my career goal. I would recommend Outreach 360 to anyone who wants to make a difference. The students are appreciative, the staff is supportive, and the experience is invaluable.
by Ian F. (December 18, 2022)
I love this organization! It has been a great blessing in my life and it has allowed me to serve. I would highly recommend this organization to anyone that wants to serve. The barrier to entry isn't too high and it's a great way to get experience with teaching.
by Alejandra P. (December 16, 2022)
There’s good communication and sincere willingness to help the students to learn English and the teachers to learn how to teach correctly through Zoom.
by Bennett L. (August 28, 2022)
Had such an incredible, fulfilling experience working with Outreach360! Felt like my Spanish improved over the course of the session, but more importantly, I was able to create amazing bonds with my students. I really do feel like I was learning just as much as my students were—so grateful to have had this opportunity.
by G. L. from IN (August 25, 2022)
Great virtual teaching volunteer experience! My time in Outreach360 was heartwarming and wholesome. The team makes sure you are ready to go with Zoom and the student platform before you start teaching. There's a training part, and teacher meetings so everyone's on the same page. The program is very organized. They share with you a lesson plan, and a class structure full of resources to work with every day. And for the fun part, you get to work with an amazing and engaged group of kids. The energy put into this program influences not only the children but everyone involved. And it's impressive and fun to see how curious and creative the children are. They learn a lot in such a short period of time. I was able to see commitment and effort put in order to make things possible for everyone, and that only reflects that they'll keep going forward. I'm grateful for the time I could share here and for the awesome people I had the chance to meet.
by jovanni h. (August 25, 2022)
This is a perfect organization to join if you’re looking to make a difference in people’s lives. The support from the administration is incredible, the co teachers are very friendly, and the students go above and beyond my expectations. It is a truly rewarding experience and I’ve experienced so much growth professionally and personally.
by seyyed ali m. from IR (August 24, 2022)
Hi. I am Ali from Iran. If you are looking for a volunteering positon to teach English, do not hesitate to give Outreach360 a shot. They are amazing and caring. From the beginning, they were helping me to enhance myself as a teacher and also as a human being. Speaking about students, you are going to love them. They are extremely friendly and engaging and pretty polite. These past 3 months have been the most incredible moments of my life. I am still here at this academy teaching because I feel it is part of me now.
by Vinessa R. from JM (June 20, 2022)
It is an amazing organization providing education for students and experience for volunteers. But not only that, it is full of love and fun!
by niki o. from BR (June 20, 2022)
I had an amazing time during my 6 months teaching with Outreach360! Everything was way better than i expected, from the structure and materials provided to the people that i got to meet. I'd definitely recommend this program to anyone who is interested in volunteering as an English teacher.
by Furn-marie F. (July 4, 2014)
Am willing to start to volunteer at this place and it would please me very much if I can get a few of my friends on board

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