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Mission Statement

The specific objectives and purposes of AR-NE are:

a) To promote and disseminate educational material to the public, including, but not limited to, material related to the Romanian language, literature, history, geography, music, and culture;

b) To engage in scientific research in the public interest, including, but not limited to, on topics related to Romanian-American communities in the New England area;

c) To foster Romanian-American intercultural exchanges and to promote harmonious assimilation of New England residents of Romanian heritage into the larger community among which they live;

d) To support the above purposes through publications, lectures, special public events, or otherwise


Dear Prospective Volunteer,

AR-NE's primary goals are to support and promote the Romanian language and culture in New England (NE) and to preserve our heritage for future generations. To accomplish these goals we organize and promote cultural, educational, and professional events as well as social gatherings to strengthen ties among members of the community.

Starting in 2010, we have held regular seminars on various professional topics (our first seminars covered financial, real estate, immigration, job search, and estate planning topics) culminating in a large annual Romanians of NE Fair to showcase the various Romanian-American organizations, services, and initiatives in the area to the community. Alongside the seminars we organize community events, movie viewings, poetry and song nights, where people can come out and socialize or network in a relaxed atmosphere.

Long term, we will attempt to fund small research projects on topics of interest to the community. Our long term goals are to create a Romanian-American business council of NE, as well as to collaborate with higher learning institutions to offer classes in Romanian language, history and culture.

For families and children we organize events around Martisor and Mother's Day, Lilac Sunday Picnic at Arnold Arboretum, Children's Day, St. Nicholas Day , as well as other Holidays. We sometimes organize these events in collaboration with other interested Romanian organizations. Other projects in the same vein may include dinners and plays, movie nights, and developing a Romanian Library and Book Exchange Program in the NE area.

To improve the cultural and social scene in NE we hope to develop a Romanian Library and Library Exchange Program in the NE area, put together a welcome package to help new immigrants, including students, settle in the NE area, start a club for retired members, a Romanian dinner/cooking club, and a printed newsletter for subscribers.

AR-NE strives to work on the basis of initiative and organizational facilitation, teamwork and collaboration with other community groups, democracy and transparency in its activities, and most importantly volunteerism.

The enthusiasm and energy of volunteers such as you will make it possible for us to support and coordinate meaningful, current and interesting programs for the Romanian community of NE, like those mentioned above, or new ideas that you may bring.

We hope you hear from you soon!

The AR-NE Team of Volunteers



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