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Mission Statement


Our vision is of a peaceful world, a global community based on interdepedence and respect for all life and all people, reached through the only path that can truely lead there; our children


What is Little Oak?

Little Oak began in 2004 in Snowden, WA by a group of dedicated parents looking for an alternative in education for their children. Founder Julie Ikenberry and these famiIies worked together to form Little Oak Monessori. In 2006, Little Oak moved to the historic Lyle Grange in Lyle, WA then again in 2008 to the current location in White Salmon. Little Oak resides on part of the original Jewett Farm and is an exceptionally rich environment containing old growth trees and ample green space.
Little Oak Montessori School offers 3 to 9 year olds a place to nurture a love of Nature, Community, Spirit and Self in a peaceful setting that makes learning fun. Little Oak offers an education where natural wisdom is imparted through simple reason and logic.

The Little Oak Montessori Philosophy:

While shepherding the group as a whole, we support each individual by sensitively putting them in touch with appropriate materials and observing their reaction. We guide them towards integrating all aspects of themselves; their physical, social, emotional, cognitive and spiritual self. Observation notes are kept to ensure a continual assessment, which are then shared with parents.
It is our intention to establish a peaceful atmosphere with spontaneity at the core, set around purposeful activities and specific projects we introduce. Respect is the basis for any boundary that must be set. Our aim is that each child arrives at a confident, joyful and self-assuring level, functioning with others in a mini-community, inspired by all that occurs each day.

Eco-Friendly School
Little Oak strives to be environmentally conscious and to create an eco-friendly environment. Learning to care about our environment and the world around us is an important aspect of our curriculum. The children actively recycle, compost, and garden. In our newly remodeled environment, we strive to be "green" with no VOC paint and use non-toxic cleaners wherever possible.
When choosing cleaning and classroom supplies, we purchase environmentally friendly items with the least amount of packaging. Snack items provided to the children are nutritionally sound and natural.


Little Oak Montessori School is fully certified by the state of Washington as a private school and Little Oak teachers are all AMI (Association Montessori Internationale) certified. Individual teachers hold additional qualifications (Washington state and otherwise).



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