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Mission Statement

Reel Works provides a free filmmaking workshops for NYC teens. Using a unique one-on-one mentoring model, we challenge at-risk youth to tell their stories and have their voices heard. In turn, they build vital skills of literacy, leadership and self-confidence to create productive futures.


Who We Serve

Reel Works serves teens 14-19 from across New York City.

  • 64% Are minorities
  • 53% Come from low-income homes
  • 46% Live in singe-parent households
  • 33% Are at-risk of dropping out or other negative behaviors.

All have a story to tell. Stories of identity, loss, racism, homelessness or the struggle to stay in school and off drugs. We give them a mentor, a camera and a chance to be heard.

Over seven million viewers have seen our student films across all media since our founding in 2001.

Why Reel Works?
  • Half of all NYC teens are at risk of dropping out. At Reel Works, 99% of our teens graduate high school 95% go on to college.
  • 95% of NYC public schools have no media arts program. Reel Works partners with over 20 high schools to provide free, after school and in-school workshops for over 200 teens annually.
  • 90% of teens have never had a mentor. All Reel Works teens are matched 1:1 with a professional filmmaker-mentor.



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by Isabelle F. (2011-03-30 16:48:31.0)
I would recommend this organization to others because i know many people who are struggling and can relate to what is being promoted here at this organization. I should be recommended for this organization because i want to make a difference and be heard. I feel that if more and more teens come out and show others what really matters in life and show a sense of leadership then other teens would be able to relate and also want to be more open and become leaders as well. I just want to make a change in young teens life and help them to understand who they are and where they want to go. I want to help them realize that they shouldn't let what they don't have get them from getting what they want. Thank you for your time.