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Mission Statement

To whom it may concern:

Mi name is Jo Freeman, outreach volunteer for the Garland Rescue Ranch. Tel:661-285-7588, Cell: 661-435-4606. Tudelajosefi@yahoo.com

The Rescue's mission is to provide physical care and medical treatment, rehabilitation and placement of neglected, abused and abandoned domesticated cats and dogs.

The Garland Rescue Ranch provides home toabout 80+ dogs and 120+ cats. Most of them fixed and vaccinated. The ones that are to be fixed are the recent rescued.

Mr. Daniel Garland is the President of the Organization. He is an 86 years old, Veteran of three wars, WWII, Korea and Vietnam. All his retirement money goes to help the animals...It is not enogugh. The last two years have been very hard due to theeconomy. Donations and adoptions have been minimal, even though the adoptable cats and dogs are taken to Petsmar in Lancaster every Saturday, but "dumped" animals at the Ranch, and rescued of abandoned animals in the desert have been higher than ever. When the animals are being rescued, they usually are injured, sick or greatly abused. Medical care is almost always needed. But, Vets. do not give a break. Medical care has to be paid .....

Thanks to the generosity of Cat and Dog food Manufacturers the Rescue has the food needed for the animals. But the Rescue needs volunteers who care for the animals to fix dog runs, the catteries, and overall help.

Could you possibly find for the Garland Rescue a few volunteers to help? The Ranch is about three acres, and there are only two permanent persons that help, and about two volunteers who come to clean the catteries, but there is a desperate need for help to better the condition of living for the animals.

The majority of the cats and dogs at the ranch are old and that is their "Forever Home" since Mr. Garland does not want to put down any animal because is old. Only if the animal is terminally ill and is suffering.

The Garland Rescue have been doing a great service to the Antelope Valley's animals by rescuing the abandoned, neglected and abused for years. Now the Rescue needs help desperately.

Please, let me know if there is help for the Rescue and what needs to be done to get it.

Thank you for any help you may be giving to this animals that depend on the Rescue and the generosity of anyone who has the heart for them


Jo Freeman

ps: The Rescue does not have a website as of now. The animals up for adoption are registered at "adopt a pet" website.


The Rescue needs volunteers to help the living condition of the animals housed there.

Need handymen to fix dog runs

cleanup and care for cats and dogs

washing dogs blankets

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