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Mission Statement

Objective of Organization:- 1. To apprise the government of the hindrance of development in time. 2. To make the laymen realize their duty, discipline & responsibility at every step of life. 3. To provide training for self-help schemes free-of-cost. 4. To create job -oriented program for the unemployed. 5. To conduct various social reform programs which have instant & good effect on society. 6 . To carry out special clean-up program in touristy sites. 7. To carry out awareness programs on the effect of filth & its solutions. 8 . To provide training on using the modern technological tools. 9 . To lend helping hand in promoting the products of industries mainly the cottage ones. 10 . To instill the feeling that all of us are equally committed to development endeavors. 11 . To go to grassroots to evoke the spontaneous feeling by organizing interaction & researches regarding Future Nepal. 12 . To identify, preserve & promote the heritage enlisted in world heritage list including National parks, Mountains, Temples, Stupas, Lakes, Caves, Historical and cultural sites, Arts & cultural, forest etc. 13 . To bring out papers, calendar, brochure, photos, documentaries, C.D,video- cassette for the betterment of future Nepal and provide free of cost in different countries. 14 . To lend helping hand in all round development of Nepal by coordinating different organizations running in Nepal. 15 . To generate awareness by organizing fairs on various religious & touristy places to boost domestic & international tourism. For Details: Future Nepal Thamel, Kathmandu Phone/Fax: 411450, Email: futurenepal@yahoo.com


Future Nepal is such non-governmental organization established with the objective of changing the status of country. Especially now is the time to mobilize & harness different natural resources and disseminate this task to the rest of the world. Practicing has been more important than preaching. Nepal , an attractive & astonishing center of natural beauty, natural heritage & diverse culture ,will surely be an affluent state if all Nepalese governmental organization & NGO's work collectively & wholeheartedly. Inspiring such joint effort is the one & only motto of this organization. The next primary objective is to encourage to identify our responsibility & duty & re-evaluate ourselves as to what is the prime task to do as we are living the penurious life despite our sufficient resources. The last, but not least, objective is to conduct down-to-earth approach. Apart from these, other objectives are mentioned below. It is natural that social organizations play a pivotal role in society. However, all mayn't be equally responsible as we are since we want to conduct skill-oriented & income-oriented programs. Future Nepal is a non-profitable organization and is run by its different activities like cultural program, making bag to avoid plastic and selling them, Donor agencies/persons, Volunteers. Our revenue is used to give training for child and unemployed women, especially for poor women. The amount from the Donor agencies/persons volunteers will be utilized in making and providing jute, paper and cloth bags in place of plastic bags, education, environment, health and income generating training. We give opportunities to the volunteers as per the above said annual program of the organization. Especially Environment, Health, Education, Community/Rural development

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